Akura Capital Management

Akura capital management AG combines yield and plant safety with the Akura asset plans, Wurzburg August 2010. Return or safety? More and more investors expect compelling arguments from an investment concept for both factors. The new Akura asset plans are precisely matched to this demand and distributed nationwide by a competent team of consultants. The quality of the advice by Akura was officially by independent test institutes group occasions confirmed. Latest news from the financial world of these days optimism despite crisis scenario: according to banking association is the private assets of the Germans last year by 5.4 per cent EUR 4.67 trillion grown. Therefore, the assets of even small investors from the consequences of the financial and economic crisis seem to recover. However: 38 percent of those assets account for mostly low-interest savings, sight and term deposits and cash, which is why yield opportunities left unused and billions of euros not rarely literally destroyed be.

One of the causes of the fatal savings behavior of many citizens is the continuing lack of effective advice from banks and savings banks group of companies according to the Akura. This fact was recently confirmed in a new test of Stiftung Warentest: investment advice has since the last test end of 2009 even deteriorated. The embarrassment comes on. “, summarizes the results of the study to the Institute. The cause of these grievances can be clearly naming themselves after experience of Akura capital management AG: many people fooled by the supposed safety of customary in banking savings and forget that low interest rates, which they apply, usually not even compensate for inflation-related decrease in value. But critical investor who is not satisfied with minimal interest rates and ticket guarantees, know what they can expect from a truly professional financial advice and ask for above-average profitable products. This special demand for the Akura sees a group of companies with their Product and consulting concept optimum the customer service model of European consumer advice EBCON 2009 with the predicate set up,”was awarded.