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Today the Internet is developing by leaps and bounds, now an advertising campaign on the Internet compared with print media, will be very little time and internet will be equal, and after, and surpass television. Daily open up thousands of sites, and everyone wants to overtake a competitor. Use different ways: from the traditional to the most "black" methods. When your company sells black coal from the field "Kara Keche", then on demand "from coal Kara ketch "most likely you'll be the leader in search engines, but when your company offers such as new windows, then there will have to work hard over the coming at least 20 of the extradition. Necessary, firstly just be a good company that is eating good site. Secondly to work every day on search engine optimization for your site, and thirdly to buy expensive links from topical sites, the fourth write "Kopiraytingovye" lined paper under the key requests. And if similar action is carried out are your competitors? That winner is the one who has more money and brains. Well, the first all clear, but the second can be either again or buy the most progress in this.

To date, the most effective and less "white" becomes a way of placing the articles to which links highlight your key requests. Search it regards as a real link with content on the site, which is very promotes it. But as we said earlier everything must be handled wisely. Do not place the "trashcan" articles. Sooner or later they will be in the "bath". It is necessary to place the article on good sites are made for people, not for search engines, judge for yourself: even if you do not advance in this query, you still get the target audience, plus you get the static and high-quality link to your website. Qualitative Articles Directory – a unique user-friendly design, its software engine, and some restrictions placed on him in the article. These directories is not really a lot, but they are there and our website is just like that, and we do not just because of his call, making it to users who like to read interesting articles are not restricting ourselves to a particular theme. Hear from experts in the field like Gary Kelly for a more varied view.

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