Car Alarm Choices

How to protect the car and choose the car alarm? What is a car alarm? How to choose a car alarm and securely protect your favorite car? Here are the questions that trouble every conscious motorist. For In order to answer these questions you need to know some details. In order to really understand, you need to read a lot of specialized literature. We tried to gather in this article many years of experience Work on installing alarm systems, selection and configuration, installation of security kompleksov.Itak primarily necessary to determine – what level of protection we want? Protection from the casual passer-addict who urgently need money, and he hopes to find a purse in your car, stuffed with bills? Protection from an ordinary thief, a layperson, who is at your own risk going to steal your car? Or protection from Professionals who ordered it is your car, and he would make every effort to take it away from you? Protection against 'the addict' Of course, to protect against such an attacker should not need to provoke, to be precise then: 1) Do not leave valuables in your car – whether it's leather notebook, like a wallet or purse, cell phone or gps navigator (even hardware from him), 2) Do not leave windows ajar, tightly closed doors, and 3) Even if you should be 1-2 meters away from the car? better take the keys with him. Just like that, just in case. Means of protection I would recommend the following: 1) Absolutely! Alarm system with siren.