Catalog Colors

The first 2 species were stained by Catalog ral (color choices are many, 196 colors). Plates with crumbs match the color of the stone, which they covered with crumbs. Here, options for shades less (about 20). Again I quote the words of Igor Resurrection: "In the Soviet time in the design of the city to use up to 20 colors. Now the building painted in 200 colors at a time when Europe uses 600 colors. Asbestos and fiber cement boards are not usually used for the lining of tall buildings and apply, governed mainly at buildings with 5 floors and facing cottages and industrial buildings.

It would seem that might be easier for an architect – to choose a beautiful, neizbity, bright color cladding material, unexpected combinations and forms of hinged structures. In the end, everything to gain – and the building was modern, efficient system of warming and its appearance attracts and pleases the eye, and can become an ornament to the city. But even here there are its pitfalls. Aesthetics has ceased to be an independent category. It is subject to economic benefits and is measured in money.

A simple example – you buy a refrigerator. There are many, technical specifications are identical, cost about the same one and the same, but you need a fridge is not the classic white and navy blue. The seller tells you that the refrigerator that color have to wait some time until it will bring, at best. In the worst – such a refrigerator will cost more because you chose the color is not typical and, relatively speaking, a refrigerator must be specially painted in dark blue.