Chinese Oracle

So that we can better understand our future and influence. The Chinese Oracle 1) was already 1500-1050 v. u. Z. known in the then still animists clan society. The oldest book in China (about 200 BC c.e.), I went, is still up to date. Its underlying, not causal, structural thinking of dialectical yin and Yang logic 2), based on the questions such as (method) and what (things, behavior) at present and in the future to make, to positively influence his life.

The I Ching says / the Inquirer, methaphernartig (info as a pictorial presentation), the present, and the direction in which she tends: continual change. Metaphors are however difficult to interpret. Pushing the self responsibility (Confucius) for his life not on a God, prophets, Angels, politician, idols etc. in China, in contrast to Europe, But agreeing the dead ancestors, the spirits and the gods ever for cheap. If it but works without personal transcendence? Here you can online and immediately from the Yijing Get answers. Focus on an issue that is dear to you. (seen on the Internet). It uses also the well-known natural energy Feng Shui and Chigong in TCM in China: qi is the Chinese philosophy and medicine for the moving, as well as the vital force of the body, but also the entire world.

In the Chinese language, it has the importance of breath, energy and fluid. In the West it’s called today subtle quantum energy”. The universe is located in flux (Heraclitus) we know that permanent and you can influence the constant change with its dynamic (time) – live active instead of passive (ask for). The Oracle (God spell) refers to a transcendent, often of divine revelation obtained with the help of a ritual or a medium, which is used to respond to future or decision questions. The information obtained by means of the Oracle and sign the questioner can serve as justification of its own decisions and actions.