The Event

Changes must be, not communicated also on the dates via different routes since the participants be informed about changes to the events. Here also the possibility to book an event that suits his is for the potentially interested parties. Another aspect, to call the portal in the life that was that but dozens of pages there are, where the providers with their events are present. If you are not convinced, visit Larry Ellison. So first of all finding these events, which should be interesting even for the seeker, not seldom very much takes. Time that would save the portal of esoteric the potential interested parties. Want the potential customer then also still closer inform yourself about the provider, the search often continues and ends very often with the frustierenden knowledge which are not to find more information about the Organizer. Therefore, the portal offers the following headings the organisers – in addition to the main function of wearing an all event dates -: Organizer posts provider region provider after Department of industry book as the portal for the entire Speaking is intended, the first three sections in the countries Germany, Austria and the Switzerland are divided.

Providers from other German-speaking countries are gladly invited to register with the portal operator. ‘Organizer posts’ section is divided into 4 categories – Organizer present information to the respective operators / providers: who he is, what he is / what does, how has he become that / come to what he now is / does – information often imagine the potentially interested buyers at the sight of the title of the event to the events some questions. for example. What is mean, what is taught there knowledge or information, what can I start, if I have attended this seminar? To at least begin to resolve this issue, informs the operator in this column about the content of the offered events. -News from the organizers at irregular intervals offer the Organizer typically seminars or Workshops, which have re-recorded it in their portfolio.

Chinese Oracle

So that we can better understand our future and influence. The Chinese Oracle 1) was already 1500-1050 v. u. Z. known in the then still animists clan society. The oldest book in China (about 200 BC c.e.), I went, is still up to date. Its underlying, not causal, structural thinking of dialectical yin and Yang logic 2), based on the questions such as (method) and what (things, behavior) at present and in the future to make, to positively influence his life.

The I Ching says / the Inquirer, methaphernartig (info as a pictorial presentation), the present, and the direction in which she tends: continual change. Metaphors are however difficult to interpret. Pushing the self responsibility (Confucius) for his life not on a God, prophets, Angels, politician, idols etc. in China, in contrast to Europe, But agreeing the dead ancestors, the spirits and the gods ever for cheap. If it but works without personal transcendence? Here you can online and immediately from the Yijing Get answers. Focus on an issue that is dear to you. (seen on the Internet). It uses also the well-known natural energy Feng Shui and Chigong in TCM in China: qi is the Chinese philosophy and medicine for the moving, as well as the vital force of the body, but also the entire world.

In the Chinese language, it has the importance of breath, energy and fluid. In the West it’s called today subtle quantum energy”. The universe is located in flux (Heraclitus) we know that permanent and you can influence the constant change with its dynamic (time) – live active instead of passive (ask for). The Oracle (God spell) refers to a transcendent, often of divine revelation obtained with the help of a ritual or a medium, which is used to respond to future or decision questions. The information obtained by means of the Oracle and sign the questioner can serve as justification of its own decisions and actions.

Known, Even Many Years After His Death,

Even decades after his death, Cheiro of still greatest popularity enjoys. The fascination that aired this personality, is still in the minds of today’s contemporaries, which deal with the topic of the future prediction. The books, which he wrote at the time, are even today, over seventy years after his death, still in the trade and an increasing popularity. In his autobiographical book, “Cheiro’s memoirs: the reminiscences of a society p Gemist”, he describes his interviews Stanley, Sarah Bernhardt, Oscar Wilde, Professor Max Muller, Blanche Roosevelt, the Comte with King Edward VII, William Gladstone, Charles Stewart Parnell, Henry Morton de Paris, Joseph Chamberlain, Lord Russell of Killowen, Robert Ingersoll, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Lilly Langtry, W.T. stead, Richard Croker, Natalia Janotha, and other prominent people of the era.

All were in agreement. He who had told before their fate was a master in his field. Thereby he dominated not only the Chiromancy, but combined Numerology, astrology and the Palm reading to an unbeatable system, with which it was shining the destinies of the people concerned. He proved himself a convinced skeptics such as Mark Twain, the accuracy of his method. Puzzled, he had to later admit that Cheiro was right. He was many years in his practice in London available but also the ordinary people”. It went to the people, which he had read out of my hand then you would put a monument it already during his lifetime. For the first time in German language product information: Cheiros secrets of the hand of your past, present and future paperback: 88 pages Publisher: Engelsdorfer publishing (February 2007) language: German ISBN-10: 3867032254 ISBN-13: 978-3867032254 available in any bookstore or at amazon.


A star astrologer Christ – book new releases was Uwe M. Kraus of one of the most famous German stock exchanges and economic astrologers from 1999 to 2007. In this book, his way of life is represented by the youth about the shift to the esotericism and astrology in autobiographical scenes. And their increasing use in all areas of life. Ripple may not feel the same. Up down to his specialty of the stock market and economy astrology. In addition to advising entrepreneurs, managers, celebrities and aristocrats he appeared in numerous television shows. Well-known newspapers and magazines reported or published his articles.

The radio interviews also went into the hundreds. The discrepancy and incompatibility of the use of astrology was increasingly obvious after returning to Christianity. Now seventh book of the author is not only an autobiography, but do consciously Astrology users or esoteric followers, on which way they are getting into. From the preface of Albrecht Graf von Brandenstein-Zeppelin: You may want only widespread use this book and congratulate its author, that he Testimony is by the changes have moved toward his inner self. Bibliography: Uwe Matthias Kraus: don’t ask the stars! A star astrologer is Christ Alithea Edition, 136 pages, 19 s / w illustrations, extensive link, sources and references, ISBN/ISSN 3-932841-03-4, ISBN13 978-3-932841-03-3 price: 14,60 EUR Publisher Uwe M. Kraus Schafflerweg 8 83043 Bad Aibling Tel. 08061 938120 E-Mail: website:. Astrotrade.