Communist Party

Such function establishes then one strong barrier to the true education of the social being, that would have to really emancipate, to become the independent individual in the thought and the actions. This barrier becomes the worker limited in its knowledge and its action since it dominates only party to suit productive, and thus depends on the owner of the means of production to accomplish the force of its work. Coupang recognizes the significance of this. This because the educational process for which it passed trained it for definitive function of the productive process and does not stop the process produtivoem itself. Paraexemplificar such affirmation the author of the article cites stretches of the Manifesto of the Communist Party in which the Marx and Engels present arguments of as educative Communist would be the productive process in opposition to the effective capitalist in our society. If you are not convinced, visit Bernard Golden . However the complete author its thought detaching the resistance of the capitalism while productive and ideological system before the communist social forces. He is in the sequence of this thought that Ariovaldo Silva brings to tona the emancipador character of the education. The educational structures of the current society are imprisoned to the logics of the society of classrooms and if it keeps rigid in the same measure of the rigidity of the capitalist economic system.

therefore our educational model and all the stages of its process are not emancipadoras. According to author, ' ' how much the ample and formal educative complex (in the school) if subordinated to the logic and dynamics of the capital, satisfying its requirements, are given today by the frequent use, exactly in the socialist field of that if they nominate left and, of terms as qualification, efficiency, rationality and quality total.' ' (ORSO, 2008 p 45-46) To contextualizar the question of the mundializao of the educative process in the society of classrooms, the author cites the failure of the socialist models in sc. XX and the force with that the capitalist logic if expanded and was legitimized in the countries of Latin America, especially in Brazil. The social relations in the society of classrooms, carried through for it and for it naturalized forces of the capitalist productive system according to became natural the condition of the education as formadora of man power for the capitalist system and the maintenance of the society of classrooms, to the step that the education would have to emancipate the individual for the mundializada society.