Education Level

Their places will probably have taken (and they by some estimates nearly a quarter of all graduates). Outside of university classrooms were those in terms of their Knowledge was to take place there In this regard, it begs the question. Why in the Soviet times, our youth is one of the three most educated in the world? (Even 15 years ago, international organizations recognize that the level of Education in Russia than in most developed countries of the world. Today, these organizations show that we are lagging behind the average level in Europe), Is not this a consequence of thoughtless reform? Already in full force works the law on so-called two-tier, or "Bolognese", the system is lost when the concept of "specialist" is a preparation of bachelors and masters. Specialist training are guaranteed a high level of training. Now most students are bachelors, but it is much more short-term learning-4 years.

And much more lean program, more like a simple coaching specialty. In this situation we have, for example, engineers and technicians. The main training focus in the magistracy. Budget financing of graduate maintained only in federal universities and national universities. At the same time only 30% of baccalaureate graduates remain low places. In the remaining schools magistracy becomes fully paid. This raises another question. Why did the Soviet Union free learning 100% in German study of more than 90%, in France more than 80% and in Russia – only a third? Why is the estimated grant with respect to the subsistence level is lower now in high schools in 4 times? etc.

Is not it a consequence of the "residual" approach to education. In this case, say today that we should respond to requests for time, labor market demands, but why in this case should follow Western standards Our system in the past, just focused on the decision not only regular, but long-term objectives. In this regard, in our opinion, we should discuss in our society, innovations associated with ct (today, according to sociological research, almost half the population opposes the CSE). Create All-Russian Public Commission, independent of the Ministry of Education, including in its membership representatives of universities, specialized secondary schools, principals, parents' associations. At the time of Commission to suspend the law on compulsory use to allow leading universities to conduct the selection of applicants who passed the cse in order to minimize its negative effects in connection with the introduction of the "Bologna system" necessary to stop large-scale reduction of Universities (150-200). Many schools were in Czarist Russia, but today HH1 century! Bring order to the financing of universities, it is so one of the lowest in the world. We have already retreated, in the opinion of the fair Russian President Medvedev, to forward positions. None of the transformation does not lead to the desired result with mechanical follow different experience. It would be advisable to increase scholarships successful students to the level of real subsistence level, increase the average scholarship to graduate students and doctoral candidates, at least up to 10 thousand rubles necessary to make education not only quality but also the priority and available, return the material and spiritual strength. Keeping in mind that the priority of education is not a consequence of welfare state, and its underlying cause. Prudnikov, MN