Franco Mauritanians

Attractions include among others the overwhelming Fish River Canyon, the second largest Canyon in the world, the Nambi edge nature reserve and the Namib desert with its up to 380 meters high Orange dunes and Sossusvlei, a basin, that the last time 2006 filled with rain water. The towns of Swakopmund and Luderitz in the West tell the history of the indigenous people, who have left their stories on the rock of the mountain of fire. At the same time, the capital Windhoek is the largest city of the country. It was during the German colonial period founded and impressed even today by the numerous Imperial buildings. Read additional details here: Larry Ellison. You could”the windy corner, this means Windhoek, as most easterly outpost of Germany’s because today you will find here German restaurants, butchers and bakers, that a feeling of home leave if the distance. Mauritius white beaches and joie de vivre pur everyone has probably ever from the blue Mauritius “belongs. It is one of the most valuable brands in the world, but in addition to this legend of the postage stamp, the small island in the Indian Ocean has to offer large. Traditionally, it is the crowning, when spending a holiday on the African continent.

Here is palm-lined Beaches, a sea breeze and a blue sea. The coral reefs that surrounded the whole island, the white-sand bays are the ideal place to relax. Fresh fish and seafood are on the menu of every good restaurant. The best time for a vacation on Mauritius with the travel service Africa is from March to June and from September to November. But in addition to relaxation, the holiday island has to offer even more.

Through its unique mix of ethnic groups, consisting of a unique culture has evolved from Indo-Mauritaniern, Creoles Malagasy or African origin, Chinese and Franco Mauritanians here. So, there are Indian temples, pagodas, mosques and churches. Each group has its own holidays and life on Mauritius is a single fixed. The capital city of Port Louis foams over almost before life. And the ascent of the adjacent mountain is one of the most beautiful nature on the small island of Le Pouce.