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Below we will describe each of the visual information process skills and some inconveniences that may occur to the do not develop properly. Click Gary Kelly to learn more. Visual discrimination. It implies the ability to determine the exact characteristics of a shape compared with other similar characteristics. Filed under: Verizon. Confusion of similar words. It confuses similarities or differences. Errors in words with similar late or early. Visual memory. It implies the ability to remember the complete characteristics of a shape, which was observed for a period of 4 or 5 seconds.

Difficult to remember what they have read. Be slow on the process of copying. Difficult to remember information received previously. Spatial visual relationship. Refers to the ability to perceive two or more shapes or objects in relation to herself, or the same relationship with the position in space. Difficult to copy words or prayers of the Blackboard.

Spelling problems. Reversal of the order of the letters or numbers, for example: the per 36 by 63. Constancy of forms. It involves searching for a figure with the same way no matter what size, color or position. Helps to identify the same word in different styles and shapes (two = two). Difficulty in writing letter of regular size. Improper use of capital letters. Confuse letters that have a similar shape. Visual sequential memory. It involves remembering the sequence of presented stimuli. It helps to spell a word or a phone number. You can reflect as difficult to follow written instructions in an exam, math, among other problems. Figure bottom. Where the figure is that part of the field of perception that focuses our attention when we change our attention to anything else, what was previously the figure comes to be the Fund. Essential to scrutinize information when read, find a screwdriver blade in a Toolbox. Losing line easily. Skip lines. Confused words of similar appearance, ignoring scores. Difficulty organizing written work. Difficulty working with maps, graphs, dictionaries, indexes and glossaries. Difficult to locate specific information. Show inattentive and disorganized. Visual closure. It involves the ability to identify incomplete figures, such as completing a Word when you see only part of it, identify what a punctuated drawing until it is complete. When this area is affected, the child tends to present difficulties in making conclusions or deductions of a reading. Difficulty in solving mathematical problems. An individual visual perception can be influenced not only by physiological factors, such as blur, fatigue, eye disease, but also by psychological factors such as the State of attention, emotional stress, and conscious and unconscious attitudes. PSIC. Luis VillegasTerapista visualDirector’s original author and source of the article.