Goldman Sachs

It mined approximately 17,000 points. (BA Chief Weise in conversation, we see currently no redundancies”(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 10.12.2012) the network of power that policy can the integration of banking, politics and media you define in this country as economic interests with the help of legislation.) Kurt Tucholski 1919 emerges mainly the bank Goldman Sachs impacts (social investment) at the social in the United States. In Germany, also medium-sized companies, foundations and universities in Germany join in addition to the international financial institutions, international institutions and consultants. “New institutions, such as PHINEO were and are established, for an investment precious” to identify bodies through certification for investors. Target investors profits it is – how to generate.

That was previously not possible in the social area, but with the method of the loans for social projects now possible. The bonus is paid by the State. Whether the repayment of bonds plus bonus is actually financially cheaper to borrow money elsewhere, remains to prove. In any case, affected and social professionals in unprecedented scope because of the success of compulsory are in such type of financing State, chained together. Each of their actions is riddled with economic constraints as a priority value and therefore no longer free. The ARTE documentation, a bank directs the world”, it was sent to the 17.10.2012, the most powerful Bank of all: Goldman Sachs. This global investment and securities firms issued is .immer only with corporations.

The Bank is described as a State within a State. They need to bribe anyone, they simply place their people. (Daniela Dahn; We are the State; Rowohlt 2013; Page 77). It creates a totally new relationship between Politics, Government and investment banks. The close link between of these areas is the core of Goldman Sachs’s corporate policy. For more than five years, the American investment bank Goldman Sachs stands for all the excesses and excesses of financial speculation.