Harvey Nash

At the same time you saw the television reports, that the agents of the citizens telephone enter the requests only as search terms in a knowledge base and the results then case just read aloud, a process, that every Google user would dominate and which could be formed by a natural language dialog system via the telephone channel. The 115 self-service must be considered seriously with therefore for reasons of cost. The technology is already available”, says Pape. Because tariffs are used for landlines increasingly flat, unless Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the IT consultancy Harvey Nash for the citizens annoying, if he then should pay for the use of the 115, says. Normally should save costs on the operator side usage of the call center, and do not lead to increased costs for the customer. The first tests show that the Affairs of the citizens with the call of the 115 are done, but more calls as usual must also be made. In this respect is the 115 at least in the pilot test just a helpline via the telephone numbers and addresses can be obtained.

“Depends not only the Service Center at the 115 and the information pool on the staff in the access, but the respective back office, where the matter of the citizen is actually edited”, so Nadolski. A citizen-friendly, service-oriented approach must involve all authorities and offices. Office tubes Odyssey was not yet long to end, believes the Harvey Nash Chief. The BMI assumes that by the 115 the repeated calls from offices will be reduced.