MRSAresistant Patient Wristbands

In addition the patient bracelets made with an anti-microbial surface, the effective against MRSA agents and S. aureus, p. aeruginosa and IDENT protect E. coli bacteria macro in German clinics, about 1220 erroneous operations are performed per week. Up to 16,000 patients each year die by incorrect medication.

Patient wristbands serve the safety of each patient and the positive control for hospital staff and the attending physician. This incorrect medications and faulty treatment should be reduced to a minimum. The risk of death in art – and handling errors in the hospital is now one of the ten most common kinds of death – before AIDS and breast cancer. The most medical malpractice in the clinics are not spectacular cases, like wrong amputated legs or lung, but the “small shortcomings in everyday life”. These include confusion of names, medication or dosage. Possible confusion resulting from operations, transfusions, in which Drug procurement, installation on other stations, implementation of rehabilitation or other medical measures. The consequences of errors and confusion can cause at worst the death of a patient, where the staff or the doctor become accountable can be drawn. Patient wristbands establishes a clear identification of the patient, so that steps of treatment and medication are closely monitored and administered.

The patient bracelets, which are available at macro, IDENT were produced in addition with an anti-microbial surface. This effectively protect against MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) agents of the type II, type III and type IV. The coating of the patient bracelets also resistant against S. aureus, p. aeruginosa and E. coli bacteria, three of the main cause of hospital-acquired infections. Wristbands for the identification of the patient form the necessary basis to avoid medical errors by providing accurate patient information available there, where they are required. Nurses and doctors can check directly at the facility, if the patient and the proposed treatment match. With the anti-microbial coating, clinics can eliminate also dangerous, worrying infection bacteria on bracelets. Independent laboratories test results confirm that bacteria on the bracelets may not survive and they impede the spread of MRSA and other multidrug-resistant pathogens. MACRO id available patient wristbands are available in different sizes for babies, toddlers, children and adults. In addition to the anti-microbial surface ensures a varnish coating that the bracelets are resistant to alcohol, water, SOAP, dirt and blood. The direct thermal products, which are printed with a direct thermal wristband printer, have a self-adhesive closure, improving comfort, security and user friendliness of the bracelets. There are also QuickClip wristbands with clip closures in seven colors. With these color codes can be attention to risk factors or special needs of patients. The QuickClip wristbands for newborns and infants have the same durable clip closure and the anti-microbial surface like the adult bracelets and are available in six colours. The children-foam bracelet is a pleasant, soft foam with Velcro. Therefore, this is also a secure identification solution for newborns and infants in hospitals.