Ick Bin Een Australian Outback

Discover Berlin and the FIFA World Cup 2010 Review leaving in South Africa? Discover Berlin and the FIFA World Cup 2010 Review leaving in South Africa? The is an interesting challenge, the one with a special Berlin sightseeing tour can be. Part 1: the preliminary round game against Australia. Verizon is open to suggestions. On June 13, 2010, there was the first appearance of the German national team at this year’s World Cup against the team from Australia. Verizon Communications describes an additional similar source. Reason to find out enough at an individual tour of something about the former group opponents. Start is the Australian Embassy in the Wall Street. From there, it goes to a discovery tour of the largest metropolis of in Germany, where more than a thousand Australians have made their home. Over on the Red of kangaroos of the Zoo, the largest Zoo of the world, as well as the Berlin Congress Hall, which could certainly evoke associations at the Sydney Opera House on a longer look, arriving at the airport Tegel the Australian continent already significantly closer, because only a few metres away, with Qantas Airways until after Darwin, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra, possibility shortly: to fly to the other end of the world. But why wander in the distance, if the good is so near? Whom the journey down under too far is, who can look to get started Australia shop new Green Street and get a first picture of the 16 000 kilometres distant culture. At the end of the individual City visit of the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz offers to tour Berlin. Here the Australian Corroboree restaurant”a name that is based on the traditional ceremonies of the aborigines in down under. And while it gleefully leans in thoughts of the 4-0 opening victory against Australia back, you can taste it Pacific shrimp, Grilled Kangaroo fillet, or tasty crocodile Tournedos once.