Internet Reading

At this point, you can find many sites devoted to various topics. Often we read articles, comment, or refrain from words, we go to other sites, checking in, etc. About these stages of our pilgrimage in Internet and will be discussed. So, the first and in many respects one of the most important stages of our visit on the Internet – is reading articles. By this I mean not just reading feed: a view of reading blogs, comments and any other useful and useless information that we find in the Internet.

But be that as it may seem strange because of this phase we will either get, or do not become regular visitors to the site. There is several important points, which is to focus attention. First, the ratio of information quality and value of our time. Sometimes we do not think that at this time we read, but goes for about twenty minutes, and we finish this or that article, knowing that it was not worth our attention. Dear, it is of such items online, more and more and before you start reading this or that 'articles' (so we decided to call this or that information on the page) must be aware of that, and whether I should really spend time reading this particular information. Ironically, precisely because of the fact that we often forget to ask yourself this question, time Internet flies, because of what we do not have time to do and half of the planned, but then we appear and other problems.