Earthly Ministry

Lucas 22:10,11 and 12. Of this brief and simple story we can extract some lessons related to the life of Jesus and its surroundings, when we read writings of the gospellers, we imagined to Jesus surrounded by its disciples, the presence of these disciples are a constant in its public life, next to them it preaches and it teaches, it cures to the patients and heartbroken, revive to deads, participates in diverse events, admonishes to you write and fariseos, etc. we did not imagine an activity of Jesus in abstention of its disciples. Everything indicates that these, their disciples, know each one of the passages their Teacher and who nothing would happen or be able to happen without they had at least some information, or to be present or to accompany to him until the proximities of the places where his loved conductor she moved or she was contacted. But this story exposes other facets of the life of El Salvador that abre new perspective to us on the conception than traditionally we accepted and we called its Earthly Ministry. That day, according to we read, Jesus was prepared to celebrate Passover with its disciples and for it had anticipated all the necessary one with the due anticipation, is good for remembering the tremendous meaning of Passover for the Jewish town, the instructions received by Moiss of lips of own Jehovah are very clear and precise: Habl Jehovah to Moiss and Earth Aaron of Egypt, saying: This month will be principle of the months; for you he will be this one first in the months of the year. You speak to all the congregation of Israel, saying: In the ten of this month a lamb according to the families of the parents, a lamb by family tmese each. But if the family will be so small that she is not enough to eat the lamb, then he and her neighbor immediate to her house will take one according to the number of the people; according to eating of each man, you will make the account on the lamb. .