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The heritage of the emigrants, Samba and Brazilian cousins while on mainland Portugal in terms of Carnival quite a differentiated picture with regard to the joy of the celebration there is, for example, the capital city of Lisbon no, the two regions of Algarve and Alentejo, as well as the cities of Ovar, Loures, Loule, Nazare, Torres Vedras, Sesimbra and Sines however pronounced Carnival stronghold, can be classified, Madeira and especially the capital Funchal as a historical nucleus of the world-famous Carnival in Rio. So, emigrants from the island to the at that time still under the name Entrudo”known custom already have brought from the 18th century in the new world. Still, the great days on the whole island are celebrated intensely and extensively. Capital Ones opinions are not widely known. Highlight is the main procession each year on Carnival Saturday in Funchal, reminding with its loud samba groups so not about strongly at his Brazilian relatives. The move is on the following Shrove Tuesday (Trapallhao) on March 4 with its imaginatively costumed Participants and spectators rather with the carnival parades in Austria and Germany compared. The great days in Funchal on time schedule and go inform yourself in detail is the next and awaited by locals and guests already hot Carnival in Madeira from 26 February to 5 March 2014 across the stage magnificently decorated like every year the streets of the capital. Visit Larry Ellison for more clarity on the issue. Who flirts with the idea to participate in the big Festival, should if at all possible already with regard to an apartment or a cottage inform themselves, the events in the city centre and the Town Hall square of Funchal usually provide good booked out accommodation on site. Competent and individual consultation at the holiday home search and booking get interested tourists alike in all matters relating to the holiday on Madeira Island specialists Berlin by Madeirasol on their Web presence you also already home comfortably online a good overview of the wonderfully located holiday homes, Apartments, hotels and guesthouses on the island can provide. Also about the possibilities for hiking, wine tasting and whale watching in Madeira, you can learn many interesting facts at Madeirasol. Contact: travel agency Madeirasol Dahlmann road 13 10629 Berlin