Major Stocks

Major stocks XX The main towns of the state of Sucre are: Cumana Cumana is the policy of the state capital and is famous for its beaches, but also important historically for being the birthplace of the great Marshal of Ayacucho, the hero Antonio Jos de Sucre independence besides being recognized for its antiquity and many historical sites present, as are Fort San Antonio de la Eminence, El Fuerte Santa Ana, The Cathedral, The Monument, La Iglesia Santa Ines, El Rio Manzanares, which divides the city into two parts and is one of the oldest treasures this great site has population, including a variety of places that make the first child of Contienente Cumana American, with Dominica a great history from the colonial era to our times. G iria: The city is an important port and tourist destination for people sucrense, tourism and economically.Cariaco: This center is excellent village to rest, eat and also a tourist port and economic development. Araya Araya is located in the state of Sucre, in the peninsula of the same name, is an excellent area for tourism, so it’s one of the favorite stocks in this state. Car pano: Is the population resting for its beaches, making it excellent bedroom community for residents and visitors to the state. Other stocks: Cariaco, Cumanacoa, San Antonio del Golfo, Irapa Tunapuy, Yaguaraparo, Marig itar, El Pilar, Rio Caribe, San Jose Aerocuar and Casanay.