Name of the material comes from its structure, it resembles cell (cells) is manufactured in the form of plastic sheeting. At the core of polycarbonate are polymers. The use of polycarbonate is widely, but the main , the material is made for the following areas: making it transparent, but light and safe roofs. It is worth noting that the developers did their best to combine all these characteristics in one material. Want see an example? Glass inherent weight, which is (more than 10 times) than the weight of polycarbonate.

Shock that weight has no effect, the fact that the material is very durable, so that the glass compare with him in This indicator can not – settings safety glass is 50 times smaller. Thermal insulation is also not far behind, they are so high that they can be compared only to that of the parameters of this index in glass, with hardness of this material allows no problem to withstand snow and wind loads. The choice of buyers are offered two options for polycarbonate: it is available, or a flat or arched. Light weight makes opportunity to construct the roof structure of a material lighter than say, for roofs covered with slate, which, naturally, can not affect the cost of the roof. Above all, you can use a mounting profile of the plastic or aluminum, which means that installation will be faster and certainly more comfortable.

The main areas where the use of polycarbonate is most urgent – is the creation of a roof (in swimming pools, stadiums and markets) production of advertising, which is outside nature, creating canopies, light boxes. Through this material, you can glaze the surface (vertical), walls (transparent), walls, greenhouses, orchards (winter) greenhouse roof. Finally, we note if you are looking for a roofing material with excellent sound insulation, the polycarbonate is suitable as well as possible and the temperature of -40 C to +120 C will not harm the mechanical characteristics. If polycarbonate is equipped with uv protection, it is the best option for long-term outdoor use.