Task Assignments

Addition of two equivalent sites above will be the one with the more recent information. News as a tool to attract visitors to site. People love to learn new things, especially when this new interest of their subject matter and granted in the best shape. You can highlight in their newsreel place for news had grown or some of the most original incidents from your area. You can also develop their own style of writing news.

All this will attract the attention of the public. I hope I have convinced you of the usefulness of the information tape =) The second question: Of what? What may be news? How important should be an event to merit attention? The first thing to say that online news is quite different from the news, say, a television, for it does not need more reason, even the smallest events may well be announced. In a sense, the corporate news like a blog, only without the possibility of dialogue and a more seasoned style. The blogger can write anything: about some thoughts came to your mind for dinner, about how to win a book, to assess the political or sporting events, yes even mention a funny prank beloved cat Barsik. In turn, the company may introduce in the news some new developments have taken place in growing back and give his assessment, to tell about new services (products), tell us about corporate events, congratulate the employee on his birthday telling about his professionalism, etc.

Question Three: How? How to write the news that she solved the tasks assigned to it? 1) The first thing we notice is the title. Therefore, it should be bright, eye-catching and besides that contain key sentence 2) Next comes the announcement of the news. Try one or two sentences put all the most important thing. Since the announcement, as the title should contain phrases of interest to you. 3) Any news is written by well-known in Journalism the principle of "inverted pyramid". This means that the first written the most important, most fundamental and interesting. For example, if you want to write an additional issue pink shnybzikov. Are you interested in searches for "pink "," buy a pink shnybzikov. Then, your news will look like this: header speculative demand for pink will be satisfied! announcement of the Company Shnybzik-Universal hold an additional issue that furry miracle. Soon to buy a pink shnybzikov will be available in any store of the city! body of news in connection with the excessive demand on the pink shnybzikov company Shnybzik-Universal carries an additional issue of the fluffy Miracle All News Then follows the narrative proper of pink shnybzikah, their advantages, and so ends the news contacts, which can be contacted. Remarkably, if the body will be news illustration, done properly. Also in the article body must be links to pages on your site, with thematic information. Such a device would improve results in the issuance of Google updates enterprise tape News preferably several times a week. Sami news may not be large in volume, on average, the writing of a single material is 40-50 minutes. Good news, and a successful promotion! Zaozerova Sophia Specialist Internet marketing, design and animation studio "Design"