Mandatory Product Certification

Mandatory certification of products and services – registration of the certificate of conformity Mandatory certification – confirmation by the certification of conformity with the regulatory documents. Legislative acts of the Russian Federation established range of products (the list of products), for which there is a mandatory certification. The list of products subject to compulsory certification, as well as its parameters, parameters and characteristics are determined in accordance with the country’s regulations and law. Familiar with the nomenclature of mandatory requirement includes the definition safety indicators for consumer products and the environment. Thus, under mandatory product certification and the manufacturer and the consumer has confidence in product safety. The following are a few examples of products that podlezht mandatory certification. Certification of the following products: Certification of special footwear, household equipment certification, certification of fixtures and lamps, certification windows (window unit) of PVC profile, certification of wooden windows, insulating glass certification, certification of tableware, perfume certification, certification of children’s clothing, equipment certification, certification linen goods, certification of power tools, certification, child furniture, furniture special certification, certification of cosmetics including nursery, laundry detergent certification, certification of products food, auto parts certification, certification of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, clothing certification, certification, special shoes, light fixtures and lamps certification, certification of vessels, Certification perfumes Background Act certification Article 7