Studying Foreign Languages

Our present paper is devoted to foreign language learning system, Barry Farber. Barry Farber himself often stresses the fact that he did not do it right for a successful foreign language learning. So today detail, we consider the points that Barry considers errors in their practice. So, what does not advise doing Farber. 1. Believe that foreign language can be studied in the background If you turn and drive Audiocourses go make dinner and also wholeheartedly believe that to effectively use your time, "killing two birds at once," then you are mistaken.

Foreign language can not be taught in between times. It would be like to hang out in the kitchen pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger and wait for growth in muscle mass. Foreign language requires concentration, individual attention and action. Listening audiokurs should literally feel like your tongue turns after speaker. Must pass through itself every word, every sound and every intonation. Make time for such an intense audio-training.

2. Excuses or reasons for being absent. You can For example, say: "I started vacation. And from a foreign language too. Here is rest, and then again for school. " This is fundamentally wrong attitude. Learnt information in your head is never in the form in which you place it laid. She constantly rebunched, reclassified, etc., it is easy to leave our minds. Therefore, to teach and practice a foreign language need to be constantly. 3. Assume any lesson unimportant. In I mean, if you suddenly illuminate the simple but radical thought: "Do not send me these articles go to hell?" – then you should know – your wish is absolutely wrong. Even if your closest friend, who lives in Germany, says that in everyday life perfectly and without cost, and knowledge articles are not necessarily. Perhaps, in the case of the article is true, but a good speech, ownership should not miss anything. Each hard to understand the topic should be studied! 4. Ignore pronunciation. Even among professionals-teachers (or linguists) are very often those who think the pronunciation is not particularly important, and the council better learn more words – type, then Foreigners still you will understand. But in fact, important, and more. In this case, the pronunciation – your business card. Listening to bad pronunciation, it is unlikely someone from foreigners say about you that you know their language. 5. Assume that there will be sometime when you say: "I know a foreign language." Very big mistake: you can not learn the language. You can learn one or another level of grammar, memorize a couple of tens of thousands of words, etc., but not master the language until the end. Foreign Language has no beginning and no end. In fiction book ever even superprofessional find an unfamiliar word on almost every page, and in fluent speech, the real something so escape ears. Moment of 'absolute have learned' language will not ever come, so take it easy, relax and enjoy the process.