The desumanidade socially ece of fish is so social how much everything more than the men constructs. E, therefore, with Marx, for the first time, the proper men had been able to think itself as a history of which they are the only demiurges. (Lessa, 1998) we pass so of simple spectators to be principal actors in the social construction and in the development of the society, he is born through the ideas of Marx, a possibility of change, one to advance social, a search for the social equality. However, according to Lessa (1998): Dived in this stingy, needy, modorrento, mentally ill and strange world where we live; collated with history with a feeling of only comparable impotence to the frustration to see history to pass for our fingers; isolated of this when we are not reduced to the animalesco platform of the search for the next meal is at this empty moment of the existence that the Manifesto clama to all horizontes: the men make history, and our life only is thus because we make thus. The worker possesss more than what an entity of transformation of substance or force of work, responsible it and also for the search of a social modification, it who through its function modifies and charges of the great proprietors of the capital and the State a change, a life improvement, after all the profit only exists because the work exists, if them companies would not be intimidated in a simple strike. As Codo (1994), says in them that if it was not the social organization that produced> chair, I would not be seated, or the penxs and I would not write, or the paper, or the walls everything that composes the way, since simplest to the most complex material came of a work relation, relation is that it determines my behavior, my expectations, my projects for the future, my language, my affection.