Mexican Revolution

Twenty-three hours on the clock in the Cathedral today 15 of September of two thousand and ten. US auto-emulamos with smoke and noise on the plate of the Zocalo in the capital and other ramps official of the federal entities we celebrate the national holiday! 200 years! 100!… Euphoria and identity under National Palace. There are also others, which we could not attend; but no problem, INEGI statistics show what almost all households in Mexico, they have a TV positioned at the center of the room; therefore possessed on television are going extasiando the look with the projected images. A few sold and others continue buying the world’s hopes for a changing economic and social of millions of Mexicans. Many people like me or how you, await with yearning the announced changes from the trenches of the revolution or from the classroom of schools that tell us to read in free textbooks what people spilled his blood for a future better. But the times of the Mexican Revolution do do time that stayed behind and formed by those born in the 50 future? s, 70? s, 90? s or the children in the year two thousand hither, is only a chronology of unsuccessful events listeners.

Yes there are changes, but they are like a pyramid where only the top, the very top have changed their status quo, and bottom, base, continue waiting. While Forbes shows that you among Mexicans is the richest man in the world. So far I do not know anyone who is proud of it. But its capital influences the economic course of Mexico. How sad you hear the rain on the roofs of cardboard that sad my people live in cardboard houses. It comes right down the worker almost dragging his steps by the weight of suffering look which is much suffering sight that weighs the suffer.