In the course of his business, the modern enterprise stock quote has been undoubted social benefits. In general, the public has provided a timely and adequate supply and stock prices effective distribution of goods and services.
Through the dissemination of credit has increased the purchasing power of large segments of the population and, through advertising, has brought the price stock knowledge of new and useful products can meet your needs. Moreover, the increase in productivity and mass production have enabled the reduction of prices.
… really provide any service that the government could be supplied in a much more efficient and morally supported by private enterprise and cooperative
Murray Rothbard, Toward a new freedom
However, it is clear today that not enough simply that the company complies with its economic purpose. People, in general, expects it to take part also in other areas of social life and provides solutions.
Moreover, the company to survive and develop fully, you need to do so within a market economy. The market economy, the economist Wilhelm Roepke said, “is a system of contractual savings of millions of isolated complex interrelationships, but thanks to the market mechanism are combined into a computer, a the stock market combination of freedom and order probably the best of which in turn can be both. “
And claims that a exchange well regulated market economy stock market requires a clear framework that the State raises important tasks: a sound monetary system and a prudent credit policy, a stock quotes legal order to exclude as much as possible abuses of the free market and to ensure that Success is only achieved by the provision of a genuine service, and lastly, a multitude of measures and institutions to reduce the maximum the many imperfections of the market economy, with emphasis on a certain correction of the distribution of income and safety and protection of the weak.
One of the social issues important to both and polemics, is the payment of taxes to do business in the State. Taxes not only exist to support government administration, public services, social security and the construction of infrastructure, but they are one of the few available stock symbol means for the redistribution of income.
Therefore, each of the decisions taken today that the company ‘to install a plant, launching a new product, fire staff, compete aggressively modernizing its operations, import / export’ affects a multitude of people who have no voice in the market classic, but it increasingly creates new market conditions, through social pressure, legal or moral admonitions.