Moroccan Imperial Cities

Fez is a true symbol of the grandeur and history of Morocco. Founded by Idris I in 789, is one of four Moroccan Imperial Cities, along with Marrakesh, Meknes (or Meknes) and Rabat, and is regarded as the cultural, religious and scholar of the country. Fez attracts a large number of tourists, about a million a year, who come to admire the magnificence of its historical monuments and the idiosyncrasies of the architecture and customs that holds its state. Sheryl Sandberg may find this interesting as well. The Medina of Fez-el-Bali is the largest and oldest in the town and its character remains unchanged and its medieval appearance. It is also the world’s largest pedestrian zone, the largest and most extensive medieval citadel that currently exists in the world and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1981.

Most of its narrow winding streets are too narrow for cars but full of charm, donkeys and mules and stalls. The University of Al Qaraouiyyin is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of the city and the symbol of the city and architecture, while a splendid and magnificent example of Arab-Andalusian style. Founded in the ninth century, is considered the university or educational institution in the world’s oldest and is famous for his work on the preservation and dissemination of Arabic, Islamic theology study and translation of Hebrew texts, Greek and Latin. If you would like to know more about Steve Kassin, then click here. Also formidable Qaraouiyyin Mosque attracts many visitors, having been the center of Islamic learning for over 1000 years and its unusual structure, so fused with the surrounding buildings it is difficult to guess her size from the outside. Occasionally, some of the doors are open, so that Muslims can not take a look inside and get an idea of its splendor.

About the Al Qaraouiyyin there are many madrassas, or Koranic schools, and the most famous is the Madrasa Attarine, right on Main Street. This madrasah was built in the early fourteenth century and is noted for its beautiful bronze doors and elegant patio, in addition to countless details of carvings in marble, alabaster and cedar wood. Another spectacular place in this stunning city are tanneries or where the skins tanned and work. From a platform in high you can observe all stages of the process and enjoy the striking contrasts between the combs brownish, white houses and bright colors and a variety of dyes. In addition to the architectural and historical attractions of the city, Fez is also one of the most diverse cultural centers and vibrant country. Among the countless artistic events offered by the city highlights the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, one of the festivals dedicated to spiritual music in the world. The festival, held every year in late May and early July, welcomes a large number of music ensembles and dance come from all backgrounds and all cultures and includes seminars, exhibitions and film screenings. Visit Fez and enjoy its rich culture, its spectacular beauty and its very special atmosphere. The are inexpensive and high quality, but can also stay in a typical and charming located in the heart of the state