How rich are different from the poor and weak, too, why we get rich? 1. Wealth in the head. There are limitations that have been invested since childhood "I am not worthy, I do not need money … money evil '… Labuda and other … 2. Natural temperament … He laid down from birth, and then it can not be helped.

Phlegmatic, at least on a platter ready to Give – even too lazy to chew. Sanguine choleric or – like a windmill wings flap! Extend to all new, just come on. They are characterized by Ability to act NOW! But the phlegmatic can complete what sanguine throw on halfway. They are wonderful performers. 3.

Motivation – A me so well! And really, why change your comfort zone? And to hell with him, that the poor – and just as good! That's when the handle came … there is no place for comfort, run, run! Almost all of today's millionaires are first MLM way were desperately poor! Yes … comfort zone – this is a separate issue … Therefore chtobezopasnost – the basic need of every person. If nothing is changed – to live in peace. This fear of change. Banal trusost.Tak that the conclusion is simple: You want money – NOT STSY! 4.Halyava. This is the most vile and dangerous creature. Freebie – and simply stealing … to which we were taught for 70 years, but have not been able to wean … Because when there is no reward – there is no enthusiasm to work.