Alfa Group

Statement about the possible withdrawal of the license was also revoked. However, the intrigue continued to evolve into a new direction for its members. As stated above, the owner of the basic package (62.42%) of the company “Rusia Petroleum”, which received a license to develop the Kovykta is TNK – BP. Suddenly, to the public in July 2008, the press reported on the conflict between the major shareholders of TNK – BP. In continue negotiations on the Kovykta contradictions in the camp of one of its sides look like, conventionally speaking, difficult to explain. Although, of course, immediately begs the desire to correlate this event with the negotiations themselves – “probably something is not divided, “but let’s not get carried away assumptions, look at the facts. TNK – BP was established in 2003 on terms of equal (50%) equity ownership of Britain’s BP and Russian consortium AAR (‘Alfa Group’, Access Industries, ‘Renova’).

The company is engaged in oil and gas production in Russia and sell hydrocarbons in both domestic and foreign markets. In the top leadership is dominated by representatives of the British top management. On numerous reports from different sources conflict erupted as a result of disagreement with the Russian shareholders dominant orientation of the British leadership at the company’s work on the Russian domestic market, their reluctance to be active outside of Russia and, accordingly, AAR requirement to significantly reduce the British board of directors. Most consistently and strongly demanded the resignation of the head company, Robert Dudley, current management believes that AAR, in the interests of only one of the major shareholders – BP. State resource, in this case, too, used actively. Back in March 2008 have been canceled Visa 148 employees and they were made aware of the ban on further work in the company.