New Professor; New Pupil

State Clear Mount university? Department of Geocincias? Course of Geography? Teacher: Emlia Murta? The didactics if becomes still more important, in times where the school suffers to each day more from way rspida the influences negative it that it exists in the process of ' ' globalizao' ' where the professor, ahead loses its value of the society, the capital, the pupil; therefore it is impossible to inside deny the depreciation suffered for such professional classroom of the society for positivistas than they are the perspectives of analysis of the problem of the education and the social conception on it. When losing its social value the professor loses a part of its autonomy, the State decides the Education, the professor receives from a plan elaborated for another one, from one another reality of other interests, ' ' what to make in room of aula' ' as to lead the formation of a new society. Practical the pedagogical one occurs is in the interior of the classroom, between the professor and the pupil, being therefore reformulated at every moment for both in what it is better for education and for the learning, not possessing end in same itself the practical one to teach also possesss definitive formation and a social function as arrival and starting point. Without a doubt it possesss the pedagogical theory a referencial importance for the professor in practical its, however we will not be able to change the education solely arguing its concepts, its theoreticians, great pegagogos great writers, need to search the education of each day, in each school and mainly to place the pupil as pricipal referencial for analysis of education, in practical its and experience. When questioning itself the knowledge, the last abilities and values to the pupils in the school we will be also questioning the society, and considering a transformation of the school and education. . Learn more at: Philip Vasan.