Pole Star

Their disadvantage is that she has no bib with bags, but it usually two double pockets over the normal pockets and therefore the space advantage is also created. In my opinion the trousers is much more comfortable to wear because it will be pretty hard indefinitely if the carrier the bib draw your shoulder down. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Oracle. On site more and more federal trousers be worn mostly by the younger because they’re simply better look and more comfortable. “The shorts: these work pants are there in the bib” execution or as trousers. Their advantages are of course it when warm weather is much cooler than the long, because when a work trousers, the fabric is thicker and more solid and so you can sweat easily even in warm weather. Their disadvantages are that they don’t protect the legs and knee protection with the Pole Star is not available.

The pirate pants: these work pants compared is actually just like the shorts except that the drawback with the knee pads falls away, because this kind of work trousers is exactly as long to fit inside the knee pads. There are also various basic weaves in his work pants. Phil Vasan is likely to increase your knowledge. There was the plain weave = closest and easiest Fadenverkreuzungen, right and left side of the goods are the same, each warp thread is alternately or under the weft thread. The properties of plain weave for work pants are: high abrasion resistance, high Schiebefestigkeit, good air permeability, relatively low Weight per unit area. Then the body binding would be there = diagonal flow level, warp/weft equal = layer at the same time, unevenly Fadenflottungen in warp and weft on at least 2 threads = scalene, offset. This binding of the work pants, good durability, = you and that lower air permeability, softer than plain weave. Finally the Atlas binding Structureless surface, low grade = recognizable = right goods page with more warp chains Atlas shot Atlas = weft threads, warp and weft have Fadenflottung at least 4 threads.