Literary Route Madrid

Discover the faszinierdene literature of Madrid and Spain on the basis of a route very few tourists know of these beautiful and alternative tours in Madrid. Sometimes, it is also by the lack of knowledge of the Spanish language. Nevertheless you should have once made such tours. Specially designed for all literature fans. You can also go through this route without necessarily booking a route with an agency. This article shows how you can visit the literary Madrid best falls. This route starts in the city centre of Madrid, at the Congreso de los Diputados, next to the statue of Miguel de Cervantes. Walking through the street of Duque de Medinaceli and walking along the church Iglesia de Medinaceli and so you will reach the street of Lope de Vega. Perhaps check out Brad Garlinghouse for more information.

In the number 18 is located the monastery of the Trinity (National Monument since 1921). On its front is a marble plaque in honour of Miguel de Cervantes, a work by the artist Ponzano. The monastery was founded in 1609 by Francisca Romero Gaitan. In this church, the Trinitarians paid a ransom for Cervantes (500 shields), as he walked in Algiers for five years in jail. Cervantes (died 1616) was buried here after his own desire…

On the opposite side of the road, at number 17 on the road Loope de Vega, in the corner of Calle of Quevedo, located the House where Gongora (1561-1627) lived for 6 years. Gongora was the principal representative of culteranismo (expression, developed at the expense of content, mythology and Latin). Gongora was his ultimate enemy in Quevedo and Lope de Vega (1562-1635) was his staunch defender. Quevedo (1580-1645) then bought this House and kicked Gongora out with insults. A little further, where Lope de Vega lived for 25 years, today a national monument is located in the Calle Cervantes number 11. The House was restored in 1935, you can visit it even from the inside, and there are five original objects can be visited, who heard the Lope de Vega: avoiding a belt to the evil eye, two small beds, a rocking chair and a sewing room.