Saint Alexius

It is depressing to see how pragmatism ruthlessly trampled the last vestiges of the ancient and subtle art of good conversation. Da grima confront the cruel reality that evidences that those privileged beings who made his parla a bright and delicious existential craft, are today little more than beings in prey extinction of obtuse darts of modernism. And, what is happening?. Simply that people in his obsessive desire to produce, with this practical sense immoderate who only pursues the useful purpose of things, have moved to the quarter of Saint Alexius of their preferences that ritual that soon enriched the spirits and strengthened the arms of social relations. Several factors explain this state of affairs.

Firstly, it is a problem of availability of time, given the current conditions of working hours, overtime, time that is spent on transport, multiplicity of trades, simultaneous studies, etc.; We all know that sustain a socially acceptable standard of living requires a great effort It captures most of the hours, consumes energy and decreases the vocation and the will for any kind of intellectual, emotional, artistic, or emotional production. Parallel to the above, but not necessarily outside of it, is that permanent tension, that daily stress that makes our balance in a permanent trilled, what watchful against any claim of internal stability. And to who happens to think that in such a State of mental chaos you can try be devotee of art talk animatedly and unprepared! Furthermore, we are permanent custodians of not Canalised anguish since, although we don’t acknowledge it, the socio-economical Marathon in us are discussing makes us slowly and inexorably retainers of fatigue, IMPIETY and resentment. Any possibility of affability and spontaneity is, therefore, vitiated. On the other hand, the discouragement that generates qualify that leisure constructive and exultant, loss of time, constitutional spending or futile and pointless game, makes that not are you observe the proper and necessary, and that is not invested in their cause the slightest portion of everyday time.