Serial Encoding For Folding Cartons:

August Faller KG supports customers in implementing the EU claim Waldkirch, February 7, 2012 – August Faller KG, specialist for secondary of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, has invested to allow the implementation of the new EU requirements for the identification and authentication of pharmaceutical packaging customers. The manufacturer of folding cartons, leaflets and adhesive labels combined products offered from immediately the serial encoding of folding cartons in the popular ink-jet process. Faller customer can fully comply with the new regulatory requirements and they are up to date. Specific, by the EU required characteristics of pharmaceutical packaging can be applied easily via bar codes, serial or randomized alphanumeric sequences or 2-D data matrix codes on the box. Hence the printing of images and the personalization of the folding boxes for specific target groups or applications such as addresses or names are available for a fee. The marketing untapped opens for that Game rooms. The company meets the requirements of the readability of code (grading), which provide the relevant standards with the technology.

A camera system verifies the code and examines the correctness and quality of the printed information. Since a few years August Faller KG offers also the serial printing of self-adhesive labels, as well as digital printing labels in Schopfheim in the PharmServiceCenter. The serial information can either be or, as is more usual printed directly in digital on the carton on adhesive labels.