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Guided for a script of studies and guided for the professors you discipline of them previously mentioned, the researchers had carried through one interview (field research) the employees and had observed the internal environment of the establishment. For Marconi (1990, P. 75 apud ANDRADE, 2009, p.117), ' ' Research of field is that one used with objective to obtain information and/or knowledge concerning a problem, for which if it looks a reply, or a hypothesis, that if wants to prove or, still, to discover new phenomena or the relations between eles' '. SSGA has firm opinions on the matter. In this direction, the work has as objective main to analyze the practical organizacionais in the internal environment of a company, being had as reference the contents you discipline of them studied in the first period. 2. THE ADMINISTRATION AND ITS CHALLENGES 2.1.

The art to manage the art to manage if translates for the performance of the administrative functions through the levels strategical, tactical and operational of sequenciada and correct form, guiding and leading the company to the reach of the longed for objectives. The task of the administration started to be to interpret the objectives considered for the organization and to transform them in organizacional action by means of planning, organization, direction and control of all the efforts carried through in all the areas and all the levels of the organization, in order to more reach such objectives in the way adjusted to the situation and to guarantee the competitiveness in a concorrencial and highly complex world business-oriented. (CHIAVENATO, 2003, p.11). The good performance of the administrative functions inside of each level and sectors is essential for development of the administration, them forms the administrative manual. In the studied organization the planning, the organization, the direction and the control are gifts, however they are executed of centered form, mainly in the strategical level of the company. .

I taste of the characteristics associates to the management – not to control, to oppress people, to leave them without information, being lost time with things of little value and reports. (…) You must leave the way, leaving the people to make the certain things and rewarding them, when conseguem.’ ‘ (2) Many times, the executives do not obtain to delegate functions because supposedly they do not find people who can make definitive work, of the form that considers ideal, without necessity of constant supervision (scarcity of qualified staff). But, frequent, and even though of unconscious form, they do not want to delegate, therefore this represents loss of being able, of importance and of auto-they even esteem (they are not prepared to manage strategically, therefore they had never made it). Many times, also, the proper head does not know enough all process that is under its command. Therefore its function if concentrates in supervision, in verifying if the employees are working, if determined task he was carried through. They finish if overloading of work and losing the precious time to think, to evaluate, to plan and to learn.

only for the learning, either for contact with new technology, interaction with other realities, analysis of ideas and suggestions and the propensity to always study, keeping the humildade, that the leader really finishes knowing the process that she manages. understands better where they are the chances for constant improvement and innovation. It finishes for understanding which important functions need to be stimulated or exactly implanted in its area, therefore it will better understand the relation between costs and benefits. Unhappyly, in our born in the kingdom reality the politics, the power, the status, the indication.

Of this form, she observes yourself that many Brazilian executives who live in the exterior are people who passively do not accept everything what them they are requested, as well as also do not accept the point opposing. Many Brazilians who work outside of the country they had finished if becoming leader for having obtained to place its ideas through consistent arguments e, mainly, for not having had fear to say ' ' no' '. Creativity: the vision is of a Brazilian engineer specialist in analysis of risks of projects that works in U.S.A. for some companies multinationals. Ricardo Vargas perceived that it took some advantages on its American competitors. First that it did not intimidate with auditoriums of other nationalities in English fluente.

Another Brazilian advantage is ' ' paixo' ' demonstrated for the work to be carried through, therefore Brazilian we more are accustomed to deal with crises of what they. In the 2008 end, many customers of Ricardo were terrified with the economic crisis that if presented. This Brazilian capacity to survive, of ' ' if virar' ' to decide the problem is very well seen by the foreign analysts. ' ' Brazilian we most are prepared to face the crises of what any another American or European country, a time that they little they are accustomed elas' ' Ricardo said Vargas. The foreigners are completely magic with our improvisation during crisis moments and, to think about the future, can be an excellent exercise that in the light one to make right.

The Brazilian leader of the future believes itself exactly and has one high one to be able of concentration in its goals. They believe its intuition, its feelings and its inspiration. Its ' ' insights' ' (intuition) they are useful to create new products, services or markets. Its feelings are important to involve emotionally its team and, its inspiration, to carry through the dream in a real world. The Brazilian leaders of the future appreciate the audacity, the passion for the stranger and adore ' ' impossvel' '. For them the act to lead is a gratuity for the proper exercise of the Leadership. They love the results in such a way how much the processes to reach them and dedicate to as much time for the spiritual how much the material. The Brazilian leaders of the future if are proud to grow professionally, but if they are more still proud of its team. They have the head in clouds? dreaming high? ' ' the feet in cho' ' , demonstrating the emotional balance of the Brazilian executives who work in the exterior.

The marketing involves the identification and the satisfaction of the necessity social human beings and. For definiz it in a well simple way, we can you say that it & lsquo; lucrativamente& supplies necessities; rsquo;. When eBay perceived that the people did not obtain to locate some of the item that more they desired and created a space for auctions on-line and IKEA noticed that the people wanted good furniture the prices substantially lower and created its line of dismountable furniture, them had shown to its capacity of marketing, transforming a particular or social necessity into a lucrative chance business-oriented.

(KOTLER; KELLER, 2007, P. 4). & ldquo; The professionals of marketing is become involved in the marketing of good, services, events, experiences, people, places, properties, organizations, information and idias.& rdquo;. (KOTLER and KELLER, 2007, P. 6). While the controlling influence the level, the chance and composes the demand better to take care of to the organizacionais objectives. Much people think, equivocadamente, in marketing as sales and propaganda, ahead of bombings only come of commercial in television, announcements in periodicals, pages of the Internet, luggage-direct and telemarketing. Perhaps therefore, you if surprise in discovering that sales and propaganda are only the 3 tip of iceberg of the marketing.

They are only two functions amongst many, and not in general more important. Nowadays, the marketing must be understood not alone in the old one felt of vender & ndash; & ldquo; to say and vender& rdquo; & ndash; but also to satisfy the necessities of the customer. If a marketing professional to make a good work of identification of these necessities, to develop products of superior value, to define well its prices, to make a good distribution and promotion, these products will be vendidos with easiness. (KOTLER; ARMSTRONG, 1999, P. 3). In summary to the authors, marketing is a system created to add value to the mark, of form that the organization if prepares to face the threats and to use to advantage the offered chances.

However, throughout some decades, it was possible to perceive that for some assets and liabilities the consensus resulted in the introduction of new concepts of mensurao, between them, the value just of mercado& rdquo;. Soon, the funny debate around the necessity of use of the new methodology of evaluation & ndash; Value Just. With the application of this mensurao technique, can occur qualitative impacts as in such a way quantitative next to the countable demonstratives, that start to give to edge of bigger comparabilidade and a real perception of market.

In virtue of this, she is necessary to carry through research in the area in order to evidence these impacts in the result consequentemente and, in the patrimony of the company. In this context, one standes out the Gerdau group, one of the precursors in the adoption of the IFRS in Brazil, that presents in its countable demonstratives of the first semester of 2010, the results of the application of new deriving methods of Law n 11.638/07.Salient then, the importance of a more refined analysis of the methods of mensurao used by the company, in special in what it refers to the application of the Value Just and its possible impacts. Thus, the article has as objective to just verify the impacts in the patrimony of the companies for the application of the method Value. In this way, the study it discourses on the concepts and definitions that if relate to the methods of mensurao of asset and liabilities, in special, the Value Just. For in such a way, it was in analysis the countable reports consolidated of the company Gerdau s.a., making possible the accomplishment of an analysis of the impacts that this evaluation caused to the patrimony of the company. The work is structuralized of the following form: the theoretical referencial, having as base the mensurao of asset and liabilities, in special the Value Just. After, the methodology of the work, presenting the techniques used in the accomplishment of the research. Therefore, the analysis and interpretation of the data, approaching the used techniques of mensurao in the company Gerdau s.a., the application of the Value Just in its patrimonial accounts and of result, and the impact caused its patrimony. The work is finished with the conclusion, followed of the references.

The evaluations and to seem of the internal auditor are of basic importance for the managemental and administrative procedures of the company, however the existence of a work of internal auditorship does not exempt the responsibility of the administrators and managers to be following and fiscalizing its respective sectors. The works of internal auditorship are regulated by Resolution CFC published N 986 in Federal official gazette (D.O.U.), in 28 of November of 2003, that they approve NBC T 12? Of the Internal Auditorship, revoking Resolution CFC N 780 of 24 of March of 1995. The exercise of the internal auditor demands that it has procedures technician and minimums that can allow the internal auditor to identify imperfections, and to get enough tests that they can prove and base its to seem and recommendations. As the Resolution n 986 of 21/11/03, that it approves NBC T 12, in its item, describes that the internal auditorship understands: … the examinations, analyses, evaluations, surveys and evidences, metodologicamente structuralized for the evaluation of the integrity, adequacy, effectiveness, efficiency and economicidade of the processes, the systems of information and integrated internal controls to the environment, and of management of risks, with sights to attend administration of the entity in the fulfilment of its objectives. Although the internal auditor possesss independence, if he cannot deny that the same it is integrant part of the company, with its functions parallel bars the politics and goals defined for the administration of the organization, however these politics must be compatible with the Norms for the Professional Exercise of the Internal Auditorship. The areas of abrangncia of the internal auditorship are diverse, thus searched on the basis of the material developed for the Self-Regulating Body of the Accountancy Profession of the Rio Grande Do Sul, the north of the communication of the diverse areas of performance of the internal auditorship, more known.

If the individual obtains to satisfy the necessity, the motivacional process well-is succeeded. The satisfaction eliminates or reduces the lack. However, if by some obstacle or impediment the satisfaction is not reached, occurs frustration, conflict or estresse. Desencandeia a new motivacional process and follows another circular standard. In accordance with Chiavenato, 2005, p.399, exist four distinct perspectives on motivation of the organization: traditional boarding, boarding of the relations human beings, boarding of the human resources and boarding contemporary. – Traditional Boarding: Frederick W.

Taylor was who really started the study on the motivation of employees through the scientific administration. As Taylor, the payments of higher wages are made by the good performance and devotion of the employees, then, gives credit that the man works more to get a bigger wage that also covers its particular necessities, calls payment incentives, thus the people is paid in accordance with its capacity, quality and amount of work. – Boarding of the Relations Human beings: this boarding sample that the man is very dependent of economic goods, but also exists people whom they search to take care of social necessities that in this boarding are more important that the money as motivador. – Boarding of the Human resources: as the author gives credit that the people do not need to be manipulated to gain a good wage and nor to be modified in the way to act socially. The companies have that to believe the potential, capacity and ability of its employee, therefore thus they would be contributing strong for the growth in such a way of the company how much of the individual. – Boarding Contemporary: The boarding contemporary is composed for 3 (three) theories, theory of the content, theory of the process and theory of the reinforcement. (CHIAVENATO, 2005) In the theory of the content if it studies and it analyzes the basic necessities of the human beings, to understand the individuals and as these necessities can be satisfied and motivadoras in the workstation.

Curitiba, 04 of May of the 2011 (Wednesday) controversy on the new Forest code, for Henry Pack The Brazilian, regulating constitutional emendation from the deforestation and agrarian use suffers quarrel in the congress for the afrouxamento of the Brazilian forest regulation, becoming possible its feasibility. In Brazil, more than 90% of the Brazilian agricultural producers possess legal pendencies. A quarrel that if extends since 2008 tends to flexibilizar the mechanisms of proteco and ambient conservation. After all, a utopian law is a good law? The new ambient code must solve empasses generated by the economic growth and the consequent devastao in the 5,2 million country properties spread by 38% of the State. With it, the Law of Ambient Crimes and the size of the APA will be defined, that includes the APP and the RL. The controversial project, must guarantee the length of the law, in parents of ' ' democracy recente' ' (managing Greenpeace Brazil, in exclusive news article to the JN). Between what this in guideline, cites the size of APPs, fragile places where it can occur erosions, landslides and floods, in the areas of hillsides of mounts and sides of rivers.

Its computation will have also to be defined as RL. The new law can harm the exportation of agricultural commodites, marked for the strong economic importance; Brazil is the producing and exporting greater of coffee, soy, cotton, sugar, bovine meat and orange juice – headquarters of biggest planetary biodiversity. It fits to stand out that only countries as Uruguay and Brazil possesss RL areas. ONGs defending of the Brazilian natural resources, little makes in other countries, as U.S.A. After all, this country more produces 4 times the amount of grains of that one, while its liberal laws on natural conservation have not been argued for ambientalistas. The Brazilian constitution of 1988 guarantees that ' ' all the Brazilian has right to an environment saudvel.' ' From 1965, the government implants measures that would guarantee the natural preservation in private properties and the punishment of the respective proprietors, considering the land as of common interest to all the citizens.