Fund Financial 2010

Fund financial Broker service GmbH is one of the winners of the bamboo champions 2010. This award is presented annually to companies that grow over the years across stronger than the competition, as well as willing to reveal their success factors to serve other companies as courage making models. Berlin/Munich – Fund financial fulfilled these criteria. Because the company has an above-average growth for many years. There are made in Germany in the book the growth champions”a wide multitude of readers insight into the pattern of his success. For this role, the company was honored with the bamboo champion 2010.

The award was donated by the lime burner management consultancy and the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation (Grand Prize of the middle class”), and launched. “His goal is to move the topic to do so above-average growth” to deal with, and ways to show how this can be done. According to Kalkbrenner are at the growth champions in terms of their success above all “very striking following two aspects: on the one hand, how long and sustained these companies already above-average grow, on the other hand, that they succeeded also in severe economic crises, such as in 2009, to assert itself better than the cut.” The award took place in a ceremony in the Otto Bock Science Center medical technology in Berlin, where in addition to Fund financial 12 more companies 2010 were awarded with the bamboo champion. This includes GlobeTrotter equipment Denart & Lechhart GmbH, Vapiano SE and Wurth industry service GmbH & co. KG. You like to receive printable photos from us on request. Print Please send specimen copies or link us.

Caption of the attached image: Award in the Otto Bock Science Center medical technology in Berlin (from left: Prof. Dr. Roland Alter (author), Tim Broning (member of the Executive Board, Fund financial), Ferial Abu (press officer, Fund financial), Christian Kalkbrenner (author) the book of Roland Alter, Christian Kalkbrenner: the growth champions) “Made in Germany – better than the competition”, BusinessVillage Verlag Gottingen 2010, (ISBN: 978-3-86980-063-9), price: 29.80 euros.