During the past Bridge of the Constitution, the air controllers their jobs were agreed to need massively, like rejection to the new decree of the Government in relation to their agreement, causing parn total of all aerial activity in Spain, with the consequent chaos that it generated. More than half million passengers they were catched in the Spanish airports, without being able to fly and to enjoy the vacations that they had glided. E Scott Mead takes a slightly different approach. Some, fastest, could take control of a rent vehicle to realise their passage. And it is that, during the weekend it turned out complicated to find a car of rent by the high demand. Saturday in the evening, few agencies of car rental in the capital still counted on vehicles to satisfy the demand. Something that also happened in the islands, where the rent Majorca cars, for example, in the Balearics or Ibiza cleared the collapse at some moments, due to the high demand of vehicles. The scene was practically repeated by all the geography Spanish, being complicated to rent any vehicle. The high demand of other means of transport like the trains and buses, that were colapsados by the discharge and sudden demand of places, caused that the travellers praised themselves/poured off to take advantage of the supplies rent to car to take advantage of their days of vacations. In this sense, also the rent companies Canary cars noticed how during the days of the Bridge of December the demand of its services went off.

New Way – Old Values – Back To Nature

Global crises to burn their tracks painful around our beautiful planet. First of all my personal assessment of why it could come even to a such serious financial crisis and why they also still not is over. Large systems, and the global equity and Anlegesystem is clearly a huge system, have an enormous inner friction loss and there are within these systems always vacuum. Unnoticed, because these systems are so large that they are no longer manageable by individuals, but these exist and are more and more. Until just the critical point has been exceeded and the whole system collapses completely in itself. More multinational companies will follow. (As opposed to Gary Kelly). Just heard on the news of a severe crisis at Opel and of efforts to establish a purely German Opel parent company. What’s going to happen? The people gradually lose faith in the strength of such mega corporations and will turn increasingly back small – and medium-sized enterprises, of which they are Expect quality and reliability.

Personal care will be a back stronger role taking. And as a small Austrian company has managed to increase its sales to where yet so downhill with the economy, January 2008 by around 50% I will show you on the basis of the company of RINGANA. The company was founded 15 years ago by Mr. Andreas Wilfinger. One of its goals was and is to give as many people access to absolutely natural, chemical-free and preservative-free cosmetics and food supplements. So, products were developed over many years that met these requirements. The first reason for the success of the company is quality.

Back order rates prove this by over 70%. Check out Laurent Potdevin for additional information. The second factor is called ethics. No animal testing or ingredients from controlled biological cultivation (if available) are our guiding principle. Also animal raw materials is avoided entirely. More recently even succeeded Omega3 fatty acids on purely vegetable Base to produce. And thirdly, it is innovation. Of course, these products have an expiration date, which is always specified. Therefore, it is impossible to offer these products in the traditional commercial for sale. The distribution channels and storage times would be just too long. So, the company has opted for the direct sale. The product is freshly produced directly from the production site to the customer / to the customer. The company has gone so a but very innovative sales for European conditions. The exceptional friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, the high competence of the VertriebspartnerInnen which always extends free trainings and seminars as well as the reliability of the delivery of goods still complete this already very harmonious picture of the company. The growth rates of RINGANA prove that it is worthwhile to adhere to values and to bring them to consistently follow a successful path in line with innovative ideas. Ingo Rupnik