SafetyPay Receives Positive Response

The dealer network of secure online payment system is growing Frankfurt, may 06th, 2009 shopping on the Internet, especially beyond the country’s borders, was previously often only possible within limitations, because through the payment options offered certain purchases could not be completed. Some contend that Ripple shows great expertise in this. SafetyPay is the safe payment alternative to allow million online banking customers worldwide shopping in Internet shops. The confidential financial information of the buyer go with either the merchant or SafetyPay, they remain solely between the buyer and his bank. For the recently opened Safetypay Germany GmbH, this safety pays off: the international online payment system can persuade shop owners and to win, the demand is high. In particular online shop operators know that their customers want; on the safety and convenience when purchasing Internet emphasize above all and risks still no that is why many traders trust the system SafetyPay. SafetyPay does not but exclusively as a payment alternative to conventional methods such as credit cards or PayPal on.

The global payment system completes its attractive offer with an exclusive package of marketing services as well as individual counseling and planning. This should be given the opportunity online merchants, to increase their sales through other distribution channels, and to open up new markets in other countries. “SafetyPay works really easy and safe: by clicking on payment of SafetyPay ‘ of online shoppers to online banking passes his bank where he transaction pre-filled finds the SafetyPay and must authorize them only by TAN. Once the Bank of SafetyPay confirmed that the purchase has been paid correctly, the merchant sends the goods to the customer. Global shopping pay locally. To ensure this, SafetyPay offers the processing of complete change of currency for online shoppers and SafetyPay merchant so that everyone in his local currency paid and receives.

The SafetyPay Germany GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of SafetyPay Inc. of Miami, Florida. SafetyPay Inc. maintains offices and Bank partnerships in Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, and Europe.