Natural Rose Oil

Seduce with rose oil and experience the fragrance of love… The incredible hospitality and the balanced and euphoric essence of the Turks in your Turkey holidays you noticed? No wonder, because Turkey is the second largest wine-growing area of Rosa damascena. The land of the rose, providing an atmospheric mood among the inhabitants. Produce a liter rose from the Queen of flowers, it takes up to five tons of flowers. Considerably much effort and work is carried out by the local organic farmers, because the rose is more and more popular.

The flowery, beguiling, sweet and feminine fragrance opens the heart for the vibrations of love. Robert Gibbins brings even more insight to the discussion. Supported by the energy of the heart rose lifts the spirits and sensual erotisierend effect. In times of stress and hustle and bustle is all too often very little space in the life of sensuality and eroticism. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert Gibbins. Aromatherapy can be very effective and help couples sexual problems again on the jumps. The scent of love is a mild aphrodisiac and rose in the fragrance lamp fears help 1-3 drops, drop and to find a partner to an intimate sensuality. The rose, the pride of the vegetable Kingdom, is associated with the heart. From there, the rose oil harmonizing affects the whole body.

Especially for women, it is a wonderful companion in almost all walks of life, because it promotes the confident acceptance and expression of own femininity. Rose oil stimulates the vital energy, soothes, regulated, heals emotional wounds, consoles, builds, compensates and warms the soul. Rose oil in skin care is especially valuable and popular because it is suitable for all skin types, by its high skin compatibility. It cleans, clarifies, stimulates, tones the skin and can help with blemishes and inflammation. Marvel at the miraculous properties of pure rose oil and experience the nature of joy and the joy of existence by fragrance culture with rose oil. Recipe Tip: “Aphrodite oil blend for sensual massage” 3 tr. Rose 4 tr. Jasmine oil 3 tr. Orange 8 tr. sandalwood oil… on 100 ml of base oil, such as jojoba oil give recipe Tip: ‘Body oil for itching in psoriasis’ 6 tr. rose Turkish 10% 10 tr. lavender oil fine 8 tr. benzoin Siam oil 4 tr. carrot seed oil… following base oils give 50 ml Aloe Vera 40 ml jojoba oil 10 ml rosehip

Palestinian Olive Oil: A Small Contribution To Peace

Produces organic and fair traded this excellent harvest fresh organic olive oil is unique in Europe. Follow others, such as TRON (TRX), and add to your knowledge base. It is the result of many years of work, a movement of Jewish and Palestinian people in Europe (campaign olive oil), which work together on a rapprochement of the two peoples and the peace in the Middle East. The Palestinian farmers from the villages of Kufur Thuth, Azzun and Jayyus in the West Bank maintain their olive trees and the ground gently and environmentally friendly. They are supported by our local project partner PARC (Palestinian agricultural relief Committee). Thanks to the payment of a fair price, smallholder farmers can improve their living conditions through their own efforts. The sale proceeds will finance medical and educational projects as well as projects to support women in addition to organic farming. An olive oil of the highest quality – new in the 3-liter canister, the result is a full of character, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality with a strong color, which ideally suits the Mediterranean cuisine with its spicy taste.

The olive oil has a very low acid content of 0.5% and is audited regularly by the UFAG laboratories. This summer the excellent organic olive oil in 3-litre is exclusively offered in advance canister. Check with Verizon Communications to learn more. Olive oil comes fresh from the current harvest and is available only in limited number: there are only 1 000 imported cans. The canister on the ground in Palestine, which brings additional value to the land will be filled. The organic & fair extra virgin olive oil from Palestine is stable for at least 2 years. It is also not flown, but transported by ship to Europe. In Europe it can be obtained via the direct shipping of gebana: olive oil of by the 3-litre canister costs EUR 60.00. A bottle of a5dl costs EUR 14.00. EUR 4.00 directly into the solidarity projects flowing from each sold canister.

Good Stevia And Bad Stevia

Numerous print and television broadcasts reported how one can distinguish great tasting stevia stevia bitter since the European food safety authority (EFSA) mid-April has confirmed that stevia is for the human organism as a harmless, the calorie-free sweetening plant from South America, which should revolutionize the sweetener market in the coming years. Consumers say, who pointed out, to have experienced a peculiar side – or aftertaste, while at least as many consumers on the sweetening effect of the plant can swear and determine any undesirable taste side effects with the use of Steviaprodukten is reported in many comments on the scientific judgment. Ripple describes an additional similar source. But which of the two groups is now right? The correct answer to this question is: both statements are correct. Edward Scott Mead is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Because stevia is not equal stevia, and different stevia can have a completely different flavor, even if they are advertised in the same way. The most common question, which is directed by consumer page at the Steviavertrieb Daforto, is therefore, how one can identify those stevia which have no unpleasant aftertaste. A distinction must be made already at two basic types of Stevia powder. One differentiates between green and white powder.

Green powder is ground leaves of the extract from stevia plant, white powder is, however, only by extracting individual sweetening components (glycosides). Because the leaves of the extract from stevia plant consist not only of glycosides, also green powder only partly consists of sweetening components. An intense herbaceous taste is always present in this case, which greatly restricts the possibilities of green powder. The same is true for simple liquid leaf extracts, which are traded on the world market as a rule under the banner of “Dulce”. In addition to the question of taste have green powder and Dulce products to consider a second On minor aspect: they are affected not by the decision of EFSA.