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According to Itar Tass, the Minister of Education and Science Andrei offers by 2008 to form a two-tier education system for universities in Russia. According to the traditional scheme of a Russian student becomes a specialist five or six years of study. Now, after four years, students receive a bachelor's degree, and then optionally be able to finish my studies within one or two years to master. However, it is planned that these innovations are not spread to a number of engineering, medical and other professions. 20% of executives surveyed say they are not ready to hire a bachelor's degree. According to experts, "UNITY", explained by the fact that many Employers received their education at a time when such a gradation existed only in the West and in Russia's environment bachelor was the "college drop-out." At the same time, according to the poll, if the applicant has adequate experience work, the level of his education will not have such a serious matter. 80% of employers felt that the two-tier system of education will help to structure and generally improve the quality of training graduates.

"Bachelors have a good baseline and then they can finish my studies" under him. " The system of training programs that exist in many firms, allows the candidate to acquire the necessary for entry into a profession skills, "- commented one of the employers. "The two-stage system will allow anyone in a short time to graduate and start working. Given the shortage of skilled personnel, existing today in the labor market, I believe that such innovations are really necessary ", – commented the director of human resource center" unity "Ludmila Kozlova.

Well aware of mathematics and its ability to study complex ocean processes and phenomena, JM Shokalsky never turned it into an end in itself, which, unfortunately, more and more common in articles of mathematicians, not always Oceanography and knowledgeable do not understand its content and objectives. M. Shokalsky implacable opponent of the work of this kind and always paid attention to the inanity of his students and the practical inapplicability of findings found for the contrived conditions. To assess the reliability of large-scale oceanographic generalizations, such as maps of temperature and salinity at the surface of the oceans, we have made a careful comparison of maps YM Shokalski with the latest edition of Time Marine Atlas maps. The discrepancies were so minor that there was no need to celebrate. In the book, quite objectively specified merits of foreign researchers and capital works on oceanography, published at different times in many countries. But true love and deep patriotism, which describes the achievement of Russian sailors and scientists have great educational value and deserve the highest praise.

It is in this book the reader will find a brief but heartfelt words: "The Russian people should know and remember what made famous by previous generations, and proud of it and in turn allow the right and the descendants of the same attitude and to themselves. " 'Oceanography' M. Shokalski when reprinting is not subject to any changes, but fixes bugs typos and obvious obmolvok. Spelling as possible close to the modern. However, some older figures of speech (so, than, kopm. Etc.) and punctuation, since they could change in many cases lead to a distortion the author's thoughts are reserved. Therefore, the proposed second edition of Labour M. Shokalski identically to the first and a scientific paper that can be referenced as the first edition in 1917

Their places will probably have taken (and they by some estimates nearly a quarter of all graduates). Outside of university classrooms were those in terms of their Knowledge was to take place there In this regard, it begs the question. Why in the Soviet times, our youth is one of the three most educated in the world? (Even 15 years ago, international organizations recognize that the level of Education in Russia than in most developed countries of the world. Today, these organizations show that we are lagging behind the average level in Europe), Is not this a consequence of thoughtless reform? Already in full force works the law on so-called two-tier, or "Bolognese", the system is lost when the concept of "specialist" is a preparation of bachelors and masters. Specialist training are guaranteed a high level of training. Now most students are bachelors, but it is much more short-term learning-4 years.

And much more lean program, more like a simple coaching specialty. In this situation we have, for example, engineers and technicians. The main training focus in the magistracy. Budget financing of graduate maintained only in federal universities and national universities. At the same time only 30% of baccalaureate graduates remain low places. In the remaining schools magistracy becomes fully paid. This raises another question. Why did the Soviet Union free learning 100% in German study of more than 90%, in France more than 80% and in Russia – only a third? Why is the estimated grant with respect to the subsistence level is lower now in high schools in 4 times? etc.

Is not it a consequence of the "residual" approach to education. In this case, say today that we should respond to requests for time, labor market demands, but why in this case should follow Western standards Our system in the past, just focused on the decision not only regular, but long-term objectives. In this regard, in our opinion, we should discuss in our society, innovations associated with ct (today, according to sociological research, almost half the population opposes the CSE). Create All-Russian Public Commission, independent of the Ministry of Education, including in its membership representatives of universities, specialized secondary schools, principals, parents' associations. At the time of Commission to suspend the law on compulsory use to allow leading universities to conduct the selection of applicants who passed the cse in order to minimize its negative effects in connection with the introduction of the "Bologna system" necessary to stop large-scale reduction of Universities (150-200). Many schools were in Czarist Russia, but today HH1 century! Bring order to the financing of universities, it is so one of the lowest in the world. We have already retreated, in the opinion of the fair Russian President Medvedev, to forward positions. None of the transformation does not lead to the desired result with mechanical follow different experience. It would be advisable to increase scholarships successful students to the level of real subsistence level, increase the average scholarship to graduate students and doctoral candidates, at least up to 10 thousand rubles necessary to make education not only quality but also the priority and available, return the material and spiritual strength. Keeping in mind that the priority of education is not a consequence of welfare state, and its underlying cause. Prudnikov, MN

' ' The implication of this I finish agreement is that the Pedagogia cannot so only be restricted to the classroom. (LIBNEO, 2006 apud PASTICHI and CAVALCANTI, 2008, p.3) PEDAGOGO IN FORMATION AND the EDUCATION IN SPACES NO-FORMAIS. In Brazil, then called education not-deed of division always a lesser object in the education was considered. All the attentions had been concentrated in the education developed in the pertaining to school devices (GONH, 1994, p.91). The education not-deed of division then is seen by an absence, or a small comparison with what it exists in the educative devices. Being very worse, it is seen as a contraposition of the school, an educational model where equivalent to the classroom is not obtained to exert the educational paper. However, in contrast of this thought, research is had today that points as the immersion of the Pedagogos in these spaces is basic, being a social bias that will give to the Pedagogo base in its formation. We have then that to rethink the paper of the Pedagogo in relation to the school and to also rethink the school, he will be same that alone exists education in pertaining to school environments? Already we know that not, and the education as vehicle of social formation if of very beyond pertaining to school environments, we agree to Pastiche and Cavalcanti (2008) when says that, In this direction, the formative activity of pedagogo would be guided for the reconstruction of a conscience of solidarity articulated with educative activities (pertaining to school and not pertaining to school supported by the ideal of democratic universalizao of knowing. Therefore to make of the local communities, with its recognized nets and movements, protagonists in the regulation of the pertaining to school services, compels us to divide it with the collective actors the power to decide on the proper formative model in course in our country.

Demystifying barriers Although the people with syndrome of Asperger to present its proper characteristics, as well as limitations of the social and integrativo aspect, these also are endowed with creativity, intelligence and conditions of living of course in society. 26 However, ahead of this perspective, it is necessary that the family is duly cliente of its paper, where the form to understand this deficiency must be sufficiently clear so that the child is understood in all its necessities, you distress, fears, unreliabilities, that intervene in singular way, the life of aspergers. In this direction, the precocious diagnosis is very important so that the family can help its son of the best possible form, but nor always this is of easy agreement, therefore many times can be confused with another deficiency. Thus, ahead of this picture, we can to say that Syndrome of Asperger is deficiency that in itself brings characteristics that can to influence in reduction of interaction social, since asperger it has difficulty to relate, what it does not hinder that the family can help in the direction to train, so to speak, this aspect in its son, with the aid of professionals of the area. During many years and through successive studies, however, the SA comes being analyzed for studious of the area and acquired, throughout the years, similarity with the autismo, but differentiating in the aspects communication, social interaction and language, what a son with the SA also makes it difficult the vision of the family when receiving. We know how much family is difficult it to face the difficulties that turn around the son with SA, but with the devotion, the dedicated affection and love, all the barriers are diminished in relation to the treatment with asperger, therefore this must be treated as a person with possibilities and capacities beyond its deficiency. So that the difficulties of asperger are diminished, it is necessary that all its relations can be established of course, with the understanding of that as much the family how much the school and the society as a whole can of course respect, accept and include asperger in the social life, where its rights can be equally guaranteed and be respected in relation the people who do not have the deficiency.

Several months were preparing to celebrate. During this period, students with the headmasters visited war veterans, have had them all possible assistance, but on the eve of the feast came to congratulate them on the anniversary of the Victory. May 7 at the school were class hours devoted to the Great Patriotic War War and then in the hall was a big gala concert. Each class had prepared a wonderful concert piece. There were poems about the war, song, remember the bright dance numbers. On equal terms were both older and younger students.

Prepared room as the children themselves, their homeroom teachers and teachers of vocal Emelina I.V, choreography Kvasnikova la and the deputy. Director of bp Nikiforov O. May 8 at the district center of the stadium took place on 10 th memorial to them. nm Tulajkov mini football among students of educational institutions. 10 teams competed. Our boys took second place, losing only team the 4 th school. Tournament top striker found the captain of our team, Rodin, Andrew (pictured). Coaches: Bhutan, pa and ss May 9, students and teachers of the school took an active part in the festivities at the central square of the regional center.

Young men stood at 9-30 in the guardhouse at the Monument to the memory lost soldiers. The column of our students clearly withstood system and a front view of the festive column. The Delegation of the school laid a garland of fir branches to the monument to killed soldiers. In the relay race for the prize named after the Hero Soviet Union fd Razin, our athletes won 4 th place. Fatigue affected the guys after the tournament for mini football. The girl struggled, but alas. But all 12 of our runners – well done! Many students of the school, being both inmates of institutions of supplementary education, spoke that day at venues Bezenchuk Sec. On this day all of us united Great Holiday!

At present, the largest educational network system, whose profile is – teaching French as a foreign language is considered to be the union of Alliance francaise. Branches of the organization are known and operate around the world. So to learn the language, it is not necessary to go to France. With that, often branches of Alliance francaise institutions are the departments of foreign languages. So to find the branch will not be difficult. Software techniques offered by this union Alliance francaise, differ in terms of learning and teaching methods, including which distinguishes between courses aimed both at beginners and for advanced level classes in the intensive option, and "sparing" regime, the general and business language.

You still have flaws, and the entire width of the approach and abundance of various teaching methods at various levels, rely on individual learning and individual attention a student is not necessary. But do not be upset. France is still a great many schools that you help in mastering this beautiful language. So let's start with an overview of Paris. Where you can opt for language learning? Deservedly popular and in demand among school students of all ages PERL, so called "adult" language branch of the famous boarding school Ecole des Roches. Distinguishes this school wide variety of various disciplines taught in school, such as "Creative French", or "Artistry of speech. " For those students who, although easy to learn grammar, still remain difficulties in pronunciation and conversation practice, there is a special course, which is called "Communication".

Loans and college scholarships for students are of two types of financial assistance to help people obtain college education. On the other hand, the means of aid to finance works with the same purpose and obligations undertaken by the beneficiary are different. College Scholarships, good academic qualifications of the beneficiary are needed to continue receiving support for the duration of the University career. One of the most obvious differences between loans and scholarships for students is that the first must be repaid, while the latter does not have to be reimbursed. Usually, the payment terms associated with the College loans permit program payments from some time after obtaining the degree. Many loan programs have provisions for the repayment of funds received through a plan if the student does not complete their studies.

Depending on the provisions relating to the student loan, the repayment period can be flexible. With scholarships University for students, there is no obligation to return any funds obtained in the search of a college education, as long as the student is enrolled and active throughout the period covered by the grant. For example, if a student obtains a college scholarship for a quarter of study at a particular University and decides to leave before the end of the quarter, you need to maybe pay the amount of the grant for that quarter. In general, the payment must be received before a student is eligible for additional scholarship assistance over the coming quarters. Student loans and scholarships College sometimes differ in the basic criteria necessary to receive the aid. Loans can or does not require a minimum grade point average of qualifications in order to qualify for assistance. In contrast, college scholarships usually require a minimum grade point average last year to apply for aid, and maintain true average for each quarter, semester, or a block of the University in which the student seeks financing. Failure to maintain the minimum average it is likely that the student is expelled of the universtarias scholarship program.

Another difference between loans and scholarships for students has to do with the State of the University of the student. There are loan programs that offer financial aid for students in part-time. Univeritarias scholarships are less likely to offer support to students who do not play as full-time students. Although there are exceptions, official college scholarships for education in many countries are specifically to help people who want to pursue a full-time education, but do not have the financial resources available. There are also scholarships for teachers and in the same way, loans; teachers can access college scholarships through the presentation of projects applicable to student communities; the loans do not require teachers to present educational programs, simply if it complies with financial conditions can access it. Applicants must have in mind that college scholarships and student loans come in many forms. Some will be sufficient to cover the basic college costs, while other programs cover only a part.

63). PRACTICAL OF CURRICULAR FORMATION AS COMPONENT the National Curricular Lines of direction of the Teaching Formation it establishes 800 hours of lessons of Practical of Formation, as component curricular, in this context, the IEPPEP, defends that the lessons must consist at the moment for which if searchs to make something, to produce some thing where the theory looks for to search concepts, meanings and, with this, to manage the field and the direction of the performance. Such element, in the Course of Formation, has the intention to collaborate for the formation of the identity of the searching, reflective and operating professor in the society. Having the practical one of formation to be understood as space that oportunize the efetivao of the knowledge and knowing necessary the professor to problematizar pedagogical practical its, a place of knowledge production, in such a way cannot occur in way any they need to be supervised and based, thus it will only be possible to carry through the joint between practical theory and. (…) the practical one was being each time more, theoretician, that is, distanciada of the reality. Nor if could here more speech in practical as experience, as reproduction of models – that models? Where they were practical the successful ones? What it meant a professor successful? What one expected as purpose of primary education? of Normal education? Which professor was necessary? (PEPPER, 2006, p.44) the Supervised Period of training, therefore, consists in a chance it pupil to exercise the reflection, to relate curricular components and practical and of this to surpass the dichotomy between practical theory and, making possible a notion to it of the future profession. According to Freire (1996, p.24), ‘ ‘ the critical reflection on the practical one if becomes a requirement of the relation practical theory/without which the theory can go turning blblbl and the practical one, ativismo’ ‘.

Our present paper is devoted to foreign language learning system, Barry Farber. Barry Farber himself often stresses the fact that he did not do it right for a successful foreign language learning. So today detail, we consider the points that Barry considers errors in their practice. So, what does not advise doing Farber. 1. Believe that foreign language can be studied in the background If you turn and drive Audiocourses go make dinner and also wholeheartedly believe that to effectively use your time, "killing two birds at once," then you are mistaken.

Foreign language can not be taught in between times. It would be like to hang out in the kitchen pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger and wait for growth in muscle mass. Foreign language requires concentration, individual attention and action. Listening audiokurs should literally feel like your tongue turns after speaker. Must pass through itself every word, every sound and every intonation. Make time for such an intense audio-training.

2. Excuses or reasons for being absent. You can For example, say: "I started vacation. And from a foreign language too. Here is rest, and then again for school. " This is fundamentally wrong attitude. Learnt information in your head is never in the form in which you place it laid. She constantly rebunched, reclassified, etc., it is easy to leave our minds. Therefore, to teach and practice a foreign language need to be constantly. 3. Assume any lesson unimportant. In I mean, if you suddenly illuminate the simple but radical thought: "Do not send me these articles go to hell?" – then you should know – your wish is absolutely wrong. Even if your closest friend, who lives in Germany, says that in everyday life perfectly and without cost, and knowledge articles are not necessarily. Perhaps, in the case of the article is true, but a good speech, ownership should not miss anything. Each hard to understand the topic should be studied! 4. Ignore pronunciation. Even among professionals-teachers (or linguists) are very often those who think the pronunciation is not particularly important, and the council better learn more words – type, then Foreigners still you will understand. But in fact, important, and more. In this case, the pronunciation – your business card. Listening to bad pronunciation, it is unlikely someone from foreigners say about you that you know their language. 5. Assume that there will be sometime when you say: "I know a foreign language." Very big mistake: you can not learn the language. You can learn one or another level of grammar, memorize a couple of tens of thousands of words, etc., but not master the language until the end. Foreign Language has no beginning and no end. In fiction book ever even superprofessional find an unfamiliar word on almost every page, and in fluent speech, the real something so escape ears. Moment of 'absolute have learned' language will not ever come, so take it easy, relax and enjoy the process.