Spanish Time

Arrive at the Church of the sacre coeur, is the only point of Paris where reach is quite difficult due to the height of the place. Devices for bicycles in ParisIndependientemente of the time, these are devices with which tells Paris to be able to ride a bike: Velib: bicycle in free service system?The following tracks are open and adapted to bikes throughout the year. If you dare, follow them and allow you to stroll through Paris without difficulty.?Sundays and holidays several perimeters of Paris are closed completely to traffic thanks to operation Paris breathe. Do you therefore circular bike without worrying about cars and the dense existing in Paris transit.?In spring on the occasion of the feast of the bike does the same thing.?In summer during Paris-Plage heritage days or the nuit blanches also will allows you walk without having to worry about the cars to your around. Admittedly, when one newly arriving to the French capital as a tourist is evident that the prospect of starting an adventure bike may seem a little intimidating due to little knowledge of the streets, and lack of time to be able to ride a bike taking his time to orient themselves. From my point of view velib may be a solution even if it’s a service too oriented toward the Parisians to my taste. Visit Oracle for more clarity on the issue. Some problems occur for example when using Bank cards from other countries or incredible oblivion of fully translating the instructions given on the screen to the Spanish. Paris bike with a guide if you arrive with little time and not know the streets of Paris sufficiently well, a solution just be created: Paris by bike. Visit Paris with a Spanish-speaking guide who knows the city perfectly and in small groups, almost familiar form this is the proposal of visits are pleasant due to the small number of participants and it allows you to discover the city without fear to lose you and following the tips in the guide that leads you to discover the great monuments of paris but also more intimate and unusual places. These tours are proposed daily and are a way to absolutely unmissable when visiting Paris. Another way to feel at home!

Commission Money

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