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All important information about CFD BBs as an investment. Again and again the topic of CFD is BBs a discussion term with investors, but many can imagine still nothing below. There, enlightenment is needed. CFD BBs are financial products, whereby the rate curve of a value is, not speculation on the underlying asset itself. Hence the advertised name of “Contract for difference”, which means contract for difference in German. The late of 1980s CFD were first introduced in the market BBs.

The main reason for this was the valid to date in England stamp tax which has been calculated for all transactions on the London Stock Exchange. BBs could be bypassed with the new CFD this tax, because you could trade them away from the stock market. Especially when large amounts of trade that was partly very violently in the weight, it went sometimes to many thousand pounds. One CFD BBs to the large group of derivatives, these are also related to warrants. Especially for beginners, they are much better to understand and make This is an ideal product for people who have little experience with regard to the various investment products.

However, this is now only with significant limitations. Who wants to be successful with the trading of contracts for difference, should have in particular a sufficiently large financial background, because sometimes great fluctuations occur. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Confluence Investment Mgt. Today the popular trade with CFD constitutes a quarter of the daily trading volume BBs on the London Stock Exchange. It can be seen that CFD BBs have a great popularity. The is now also in Germany, but on a slightly smaller scale. In fiscal terms, contracts for difference are comparable with other investments, the flat rate tax introduced in the year 2009 in Germany, with a tax rate of 25% per year also applies to them.

M & A advisors axanta AG successfully provides solar thermal company Oldenburg January 2013: the axanta AG could close the year 2012 with a further successful business negotiation. The M & A Advisor has found a new buyer for the solar thermal operating Sonnergie GmbH, rangendingen, near Tubingen. As was the succession, the previous owner of the Sonnergie GmbH, the spouses of Ute and Matthias Bartholoma, decided to hire an external consultant: the axanta AG. Thanks to the support by the Oldenburg M & A advisors the sale could be completed after 5 months. Also the tip couple Bartholoma, with Thomas Preuhs holding GmbH in contact to the future buyer has contributed to this.

Emerged from the talks mediated by the axanta that the Thomas Preuhs holding GmbH originally had a very different idea of the field of activity of Sonnergie GmbH. Within the framework of the consultation, owner Mr Preuhs however came to the conclusion, that the solar thermal operating very well to the philosophy of own company fits. “This Udo Goetz, the axanta Executive Board: this example shows how important it is to turn an experienced corporate intermediary as facilitator for the talks with the prospective”. The axanta AG provides, also additional information about the transaction. axanta AG provides the Sonnergie GmbH before the Sonnergie GmbH was founded in mid-1990s and enjoys an excellent reputation in Baden-Wurttemberg. The focus is on the sale of alternative heating systems. The product portfolio includes also heat pumps and home furnaces as well as solar and wood heating systems (complete systems including storage technology and all components).

The Sonnergie GmbH made a turnover of more than one million euros in 2011. Overall, the Sonnergie GmbH has over 200 customers in the heating industry, which regularly take advantage of the services of the company. The eight-member team created offers for new construction as well as for renovation and addition projects and offers extensive expertise in professional advice. The axanta provides companies with the best prospects of solar thermal is a red-hot topic. The conversion of solar energy into usable thermal energy is increasingly on the rise due to the European framework. Best future prospects so for Sonnergie GmbH also the product range can be extended at any time by other makes. The axanta AG is pleased about a more successful business mediation. The Sonnergie GmbH in the Thomas Preuhs holding GmbH was incorporated in December 2012. All employees were taken over, and also the company name is retained. About axanta AG the founded in 2006 axanta AG belongs in Germany the market leader among the independent consulting companies in the M & A business. Her focus is on consulting and support small and medium-sized companies in the purchase and sale of companies, succession and quiet and active participations. In the focus are small and medium-sized enterprises of all sectors of the economy, which the axanta AG about all phases of comprehensive support. A large funding advice for entrepreneurs is new.

Participation offer German S & K property n 2 in Austria, Hamburg, March 2, 2012. “Due to the great demand now also the participation, the Hamburg-based underwriter United investors has German S & K property no. 2 GmbH and co. KG” approval for Austria. The German S & K property no.

2 for Austria has a placement volume of 3.65 million euros and is now available from a minimum investment amount of 10,000 euros available. It is based on the German holding company with a volume of at least EUR 30 million to be placed and has also its investment requirements. As with the German counterpart, investors will receive 12 percent dividends per year, which will be paid monthly. In addition, there is a profit participation. Also in the latest S & K offer be introduced the money in the Fund as a partialisches loan directly into the Group and interest here. Investors benefit from the overall success of the company, and not by individual projects, which provides greater security. This S & K investors invest in a Company -, confirmed by the TuV Sud – has a private real estate assets to the market value of almost EUR 150 million.

The TuV confirmed the results of operations of recent years, which are based on the offered investments. S & K has focused on two business areas: on the one on the purchase of real estate from forced situations, Bank uses or in the run-up. These objects are then a market supplement”sold or held to expand of the level of own real estate in the Group of companies to achieve returns from rental income. On the other hand the S & K is a group of companies in the purchase of typical receivables collateralized actively, with the utilization of the underlying real estate of significant interest in this business field. These properties are being developed in case of need through active management for sale and information so an appreciation of. We are pleased about the demand from Austria, because we regard this market as not particularly easy. Investors in Austria meet us as very well informed, thanks to the regulations the distributorship in our neighbouring country is very well trained and qualified. “In this environment we feel with our quality product of course well and hope for a quick placement”, says Stephan Schafer as Board member in the S & K group of companies.

How can I find you first found the right online broker the right broker, further procedure is quite simple. You simply fills out the deposit opening documents of the online broker and getting them to the desired provider. The new broker now takes care of the further steps and opens up a new depot and requested a custody transfer if necessary. After a few days get you their user ID, TAN list and the password sent to. Now you must pay only even money to make the first order. First, the hard part is broker to find fit. There are now many providers on the market, providing customers with varying fees and a varying range of services advertise. Often, customers by changing or selecting the right broker can save several hundred euros on order fees depending on trading activity and order volume.

It is very important in the forward clean perform a broker comparison, for every euro the one performing an order too much number,. ultimately reduces your profit! To find the cheapest online broker, there are numerous sites that can help you enormously this time-consuming work on the Internet. There, for example, is one such offer on Here, interested parties can perform a free broker comparison. For this purpose, a so-called Deposit calculator ( available, indicating within the lowest broker you after entering data a few seconds is the visitors.

As a result, you get only the whole order fees for a year. Because the costs while providing the main part for choosing the right broker, but also services plays a role, it makes sense before a custody application to inform. Brokervergleich24.NET is this the right page, because in terms of provider”learn of the facts over 12 broker in Germany. Especially beginners can here-lots of useful information on the subject of Exchange designed and so clear emerging questions out of the way. Markus Heckmann

low interest car loans – guaranteed car finance cosigner car loan everybody struggles to make their finances better and wants to save money. While buying a car everyone wants to search for cheap car loan. This will help in making their car loan deal more affordable. Every car loan seeker wants to avail the best deal. All those who want to reduce the interest rate on car loan significantly should opt for used car loans. This is the cheapest form of car loan available in market. First time buyers, students, bad credit holders can take advantage of this type of finance. Used car auto loans are easily available or from online registered lenders in the market.

Before purchasing any loan you have to sure that your finances are stable enough to repay the monthly loan installments on time. Bernard Golden spoke with conviction. If you want to avail a good car deal saving your time and energy you can get pre approved car loan. With pre-approval you want to know what segment can afford to buy car of you and wants to save lot of time deciding upon the car you want to purchase. Secondly when you want to approach car dealers with pre-approved loan he is sure of you buying the car and hence he wants to put forward attractive car incentives offering you a better car deal. Even car dealers prefer customers with pre-approval finance. Interest rate car loan depends on your credit on pre-approved history. Better the credit ratings lower is the interest rate charged. In pre-approved loan you have to handle at a time on task.

Because managing finances and to choose a car at a time makes procedure complex and time consuming. pre approved car loan If you have bad credit or are applying for car finance after bankruptcy then you need not worry about where to get the guaranteed the finance from. You can get bad credit car loan from many lenders available online. Interest rate on subprime auto loans is bit higher than that offered on conventional car loan. But by availing poor credit car loan you can improvise your credit rating with sub prime car loans by paying monthly installments on time. There are many car loan lenders available online offering you good car loan deals. You can select 4 5 calendar and can apply them for free car loan quotes. Study each rate properly and select one lender which suits your financial condition. You can get more information on used car auto loans by visiting online service providers like VeryEasyCarLoans.

Trustable gold, the independent comparison portal for the gold plant, is now more informative and more market visibility Berlin, June 01, 2011 – investment in gold, two factors are crucial: security and price. As with any investment, the trustworthiness and professionalism of the provider is the basic prerequisite. In addition, but also favourable fees for purchase and storage are an important building block for the successful investment of gold. With the newly created provider comparison, trustable Gold offers both information: according to transparent criteria we determine the trustworthiness of various providers of centrally stored physical gold. Providers who meet the necessary criteria, receive the trustable gold seal. The costs are expected for the customer at purchase and storage, can be simply by entering the required investment amount in the price comparison calculator. So the gold investors at a glance to determine which provider for him is the cheapest and reliable at the same time. The some high price differences between different offers show clearly how to save much money here.

Our comparison is independent of banks and suppliers of gold investment products. On our Internet pages for the gold plant, the prospective buyer finds clear, in-depth information and detailed answers on his questions around the theme of gold. In addition, the constantly updated news pages the reader to keep and provide more detailed background information. The vendor comparison is at the core of our website. By the new price comparison calculator, it has become now even easier to find the best way to gold investment. Press contact: Trustable Services GmbH Fabian Halie Gormannstrasse 14 10119 Berlin T + 49 (0) 30 – 53 79 50 93 – the comparison portal to the gold plant about trustable trustable gold gold is an independent comparison portal for the gold plant, which is operated by the trustable Services GmbH in Berlin. The company was Dr. Daniel Haese in March 2011 by Christian Haese, and Fabian Haunss founded. The comparison service is aimed at investors who are looking for in-depth, trusted and independent information on the subject of gold investment.

Commodity speculation – closed commodity funds as alternative raw materials such as oil, precious metals, industrial metals and also agricultural output products have delivered a strong performance in the past decade. This is hardly surprising, since global demand due to the rapid economic development of in particular in emerging markets had a latent print on price developments. Also in the long term, the demand trend in the same direction seems to show. The United Nations predict a tripling of the raw material consumption by 2050. However, also commodity prices are short – and medium-term speculative factors, which can lead sometimes to very high price swings in both directions.

The volatility of the market makes use of the often institutional actors on the international trade and futures markets, because a lot of money can be earned with derivative price bets. For the private investor, on the other hand, the direct investments in raw materials or the system of open commodity funds or commodity certificates can become a timing risk. A missed good entry or exit date can consume a significant part of the yield potential. A sensible alternative for private investors to participate in the growth and demand potential of raw materials, reduction of speculative risks represent closed commodity funds. Oil and gas funds, agricultural funds, forest fund and precious metal funds invest only rarely directly in commodities, so not speculate by buying, storage and sale on its short-term performance.

Instead, their strategy aimed at the vertical use of the entire value chain. For example, participate in oil and gas Fund oil or gas fields and promote itself according to the raw materials. Agricultural and forest fund in turn purchase farms or forests or growing areas, the respective agricultural commodities to grow and manage. Only gold and silver funds are an exception in this regard, since they invest directly in the metals using quantitative and fiscal effects. The focus of closed commodity funds on long-term generation Timing reduces the influence of the market a real value over several years and price cycles. It is critical to assess closed commodity investments if, as well as a permanent fate of commodity prices at a level takes place, unprofitable would be a decline in their production. In addition, it is sure to verify the individual participation offers like any corporate involvement on their opportunities and risks. Closed commodity investments can however achieve sustainable revenues within a recommended balanced and diversified portfolio of assets, capitalize on the opportunities of commodity price developments and at the same time reduce the Preisvolatilitatsrisiken”, the General representative commented on the AAD Fund discount, Dr. Jurgen Hilp. About the AAD Fund discount GmbH and the AAD Fund discount blog AAD Fund discount GmbH is an independent fund placement firm based in the university town of Marburg. It provides the opportunity, over 9,000 mutual funds investors and virtually all closed-end funds discount conditions usually without to buy a subscription fee. In the AAD Fund discount blog blog.aad the General Manager Dr. Jurgen Hilp picks up on current as well as basic questions about the topics of closed-end funds and investment funds and lit them in economic and legal terms.

The Board of Directors must consist of at least two natural persons. A limited partnership must establish an Advisory Committee. The public closed-end funds are particularly affected by the changes. It may be invested only in certain assets. Permissible assets are tangible assets such as real estate, aircraft, ships and renewable energies and interests in PPP project companies, investments in unlisted companies, shares in other closed AIF as well as securities, money market instruments and bank deposits. More new requirements governing the risk spreading the debt ratio, the external evaluation, BFin-approval for plant conditions, the expulsion requirement for expense ratios in brochures and sales permission by BFin. At the closed special AIFs for institutional investors, the regulations due to the expertise are somewhat less strict. Still, are also in this area extensive Informationspflichen regulated.

Due to the new laws, provider of closed-end funds are now required to take appropriate measures to implement the provisions. Especially the long approval procedures carried out by the BFin, which can take up to 9 months, are considered to be critical. On the whole, but the new rules lead to more market transparency, investor protection and responsibility of the provider. Thus the industry piece by piece to the white market and the conditions of investments finally unify themselves. In this way the objective piece far, tracked on the SCOREDEX as a pioneer for seriousness in financial markets since the beginning of the black sheep are sorted out. The following issuers could be affected by the changes: Octagon energy AG Oilshale Technology Group AG Oltmann Gruppe Treuhand GmbH one capital Emissionshaus GmbH one capital GmbH OPC GmbH OperOne AG Oppenheim asset management services S.a.r.l..

OPPENHEIM Kapitalanlagegesellschaft with limited of nkt OPS Ocean Partner shipping GmbH & co. KG Orange Ocean GmbH & co. KG ownership Emissionshaus GmbH Oyster asset management S.A. P & R container sales and Verwaltungs-GmbH along bus capital GmbH paribus of yield fund management company mbH PARKER MEDIA AG PATRIZIA GewerbeInvest Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH PATRIZIA Wohninvest Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH PB PROJECT Beteiligungen GmbH PB special – investment stock corporation with sub-pools of company assets PCE premium capital underwriter GmbH & co.

FSC is the world’s most recognized seal for social and environmentally friendly Forestry. Shares of forest or forest direct investment? Direct afforestation by direct forest investments only! But what are forest stocks and what is the difference to forest direct investments? A forest stock is an asset, which represented the share of a joint-stock company, whose Kapital is invested largely in forest ownership or the woodworking. The value of forest shares stems from the stock market valuation multiplied by the number of shares. If the forest stock is listed, a trade is relatively easy. There is no stock markets shares of forest companies with significant float from Germany. Scandinavian and North American forest shares companies traded primarily. These information retrieval for German investors is however much more difficult.

Their extreme value fluctuations are also a disadvantage of at any time Exchange tradability of forest shares. So the assessment of most listed forest shares fluctuated in recent years to just several hundred percent. This is due to the strong Cyclicality of many forest shares: most forest shares companies are mostly woodworkers who are very strong cyclical fluctuations and hence by fluctuations of the pulp or timber prices. Also, the rotation time of forests of the forest shares companies is mostly relatively short to move the possibility of lower market prices, severely restricted timber harvesting. Forest direct investments can respond better in precious wood, however, crop displacement market fluctuations. In addition, fluctuations in the prices of wood are significantly smaller than those of timber or wood pulp production. In addition, the income of forest direct investments are tax-free, while the gains of forest stocks and forest shares dividends withholding tax (including the solidarity surcharge and the church tax) are subject to the 30 per cent. At the BaumSparVertrag of the Bonn party ForestFinance for example the proceeds are tax-free by rating the Oberfinanzdirektion Koblenz.

33 euros per month can investors with the Create their own sustainable tropical forest investment BaumSparVertrag. Much for direct forest investments also speaks from the environmental point of view: for the reforestation of new trees you can initiate only as an investor. By buying forest stocks, on the other hand, no new tree will be planted. About ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance specialises in direct forest investments group, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. ForestFinance manages several thousand hectares of ecological forestry in Viet Nam and Panama. Interested parties can choose between various sustainable forest investment offers: at the BaumSparVertrag you can create monthly its own tropical forest from 33 euros as investment. The WaldSparBuch offers 1,000 m2 forest with a buy-back guarantee. CacaoInvest is an investment in an organic cacao plantation and exotic woods, which offers annual distributions from the second year. GreenAcacia is that only seven forest with annual income. Fire insurance and post-warranty planting, as well as five percent Safety areas contribute to the additional investor protection at all forest investments in Panama. For more information,

Fund financial Broker service GmbH is one of the winners of the bamboo champions 2010. This award is presented annually to companies that grow over the years across stronger than the competition, as well as willing to reveal their success factors to serve other companies as courage making models. Berlin/Munich – Fund financial fulfilled these criteria. Because the company has an above-average growth for many years. There are made in Germany in the book the growth champions”a wide multitude of readers insight into the pattern of his success. For this role, the company was honored with the bamboo champion 2010.

The award was donated by the lime burner management consultancy and the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation (Grand Prize of the middle class”), and launched. “His goal is to move the topic to do so above-average growth” to deal with, and ways to show how this can be done. According to Kalkbrenner are at the growth champions in terms of their success above all “very striking following two aspects: on the one hand, how long and sustained these companies already above-average grow, on the other hand, that they succeeded also in severe economic crises, such as in 2009, to assert itself better than the cut.” The award took place in a ceremony in the Otto Bock Science Center medical technology in Berlin, where in addition to Fund financial 12 more companies 2010 were awarded with the bamboo champion. This includes GlobeTrotter equipment Denart & Lechhart GmbH, Vapiano SE and Wurth industry service GmbH & co. KG. You like to receive printable photos from us on request. Print Please send specimen copies or link us.

Caption of the attached image: Award in the Otto Bock Science Center medical technology in Berlin (from left: Prof. Dr. Roland Alter (author), Tim Broning (member of the Executive Board, Fund financial), Ferial Abu (press officer, Fund financial), Christian Kalkbrenner (author) the book of Roland Alter, Christian Kalkbrenner: the growth champions) “Made in Germany – better than the competition”, BusinessVillage Verlag Gottingen 2010, (ISBN: 978-3-86980-063-9), price: 29.80 euros.