Bank Deposits

Many questions arise when we refer to bank deposits: what is the best bank deposit? More suits me a paid account or a fixed term deposit? Fixed or variable income? I lose all the capital invested? If you have some savings and want to get a good return on your money, in this article you will learn everything you need to know about the types of bank deposits that exist today. Having your money in a checking account is more common these days to be able to perform any banking operation: enter and withdraw money, pay bills, etc. However, when it comes to your savings, current accounts are not a recommended product, for one simple reason: the interest offered is very low (less than 1% on average) and the cost of living and maintenance costs end up eating the profitability that you can generate. Therefore, if you want to get a return on your money, should consider hiring a bank deposit. l/&referrer=’> Larry Ellison is the place to go. These financial products you they offer a greater interest to change does not withdraw the money during a certain time or fulfilled certain conditions. They are also less complicated than it seems at first glance. We will analyze the different possibilities. Sight deposits this product, also known as paid account or savings account, has become fashionable in recent years.

It is a type of deposits in the form of bank account that allow you to have your money whenever you want. Also offer higher profitability that current accounts (around 3.5% at the moment) and the interests are paid each month, rather than at maturity as it is usual in deposits. On the other hand, this type of savings accounts do not allow to perform operations such as household receipts. And to get their benefits you must have a current account in the entity or hire other linked products. Advantages: they give a good profitability and you can have your money at any time.

Pompidou Centre

Paris is one of the most beautiful capitals of old Europe and one of the most romantic in the world. It is known in the city of lights, because it was the first city in the world to have electric light as the city of lovers, since all its corners evoke romanticism. It is also one of the cities with more tourism in the world: every year through its streets nearly 30 million tourists. Paris is famous for its cultural and artistic value. What was the old refuge of artists and Bohemians, is even today icon of free thinking and a reference point for the most avant-garde currents.

She brings together the cream of French cuisine, the incredible world of fashion and high fashion, the best and most attractive museums, the harmonious coexistence of traditional and innovative all this makes Paris a truly fascinating city. Visiting Paris in a few days is extremely difficult. There are too many charms to discover: from its most famous architectural works, such as la Torre Eiffel or the Arc de Triomphe, through its more than 150 museums such as the legendary Louvre Museum or the Pompidou Centre, to one of its most majestic streets, the Champs-Elysees. Paris catches everything, and there is no person who has visited does not want to return. And it is the city of lights dazzles. The fields Elysees the Champs Elysees is one of the most famous avenues in the world Street and the largest in Paris, with 2 km long and 60 M wide. sta was founded in the place de la Concorde and goes up to the majestic Arc de Triomphe. The Champs-elysees mingle large shopping centres and shops of all kinds with offices, public buildings and gardens.