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Continuing with the topic on business fraud by this means sent them this list that contains the following: collection of 50 methods used in the EMBEZZLEMENT theft of postage stamps and fiscal stamps. Theft of goods, tools and other items on your computer. Appropriation of small sums of cash in cash, small boxes and the cash registers. Place in the petty cash vouchers or checks without date, with dates brought forward and backward with dates. To deepen your understanding Facebook is the source. Not register some sales of goods and pocketing the cash. Create excess cash in cash and the cash registers, not registering or recording of less in certain transaction. Overdrawing the expense accounts, with fictitious expenses (mileage, expenses of representation, etc.) Embezzle payments received from a customer and replace them with subsequent payments of this or others.

Take over payments made by customers and issue the receipt in a piece of paper. Collect a delinquent account, appropriating the money and charge it to bad debts. Charge an account already loaded to uncollectible accounts and not reporting it. Prove false claims of customers or for returned goods. Not daily deposit in banks or depositing only part of the charged. Alter the dates in the forms of deposits to cover appropriations. Make deposits by round amounts trying to cover the missing at the end of the month. Show imaginary staff on the payroll.

Keep employees on the payroll after the date of his dismissal. Distort the calculations and the amounts in the payroll. Destroy sales invoices. Alter sales invoices after delivering the copy to the client. Void invoices for sale through false explanations. Retain sales cash money using a false account debtor. Post box discounts unjustifiable. Increase the amounts of the payments made in accounting for expenditures. Use copies of receipts or invoices whose original was already paid. Use personal spending bills to cover money come out of the box.

Barcelona Products

Reexports opens Office in Levante reexports, has opened in early 2011 Office in Alicante with Sergio Maestre at the front. This company, specializing in helping exporting companies and support to exports through Internet agencies, has decided to expand its offices to give a better service to its customers in the area of levante. Since the creation of reexports, under the direction of Francisco Victor, everything has been a constant evolution. More than 10 years in the world of foreign trade, has led the Organization to constantly evolve with new ways of responding to the needs of the exporter. Learn more at: Gary Kelly. New technologies, especially the Internet, are his specialty, with the main goal is bring this digital reality to the exporting company. Re-exports also currently has a presence in Madrid and Barcelona (Headquarters). He has collaborated and developed more than 20 products, used by agencies and institutions from throughout Spain. In re-exports have a r & d Department in continuous development in the search for new tools telematics that add value to institutions and support agencies to export, creating new products, as well as products tailored for your customers..

Bouncy Castles

Wide REYFE your business with hire of bouncy castles in Alicante and Murcia. The REYFE services company continues growing despite the crisis, far REYFE company located in Torrevieja offered services related to construction and reforms in the provinces of Alicante and Murcia. REYFE now implements a new division dedicated to leisure, already began with the management of canteens in the field of Orihuela Club de Futbol, by inserting more products and services in favour of fans, achieving lift sales over 300% after resounding success in all professional aspects, his manager Don Nicolas Resurreccion decides to embark on a new journey, rental of inflatable castles in the provinces of Alicante and Murcia. Advised at all times by children aged between 4 and 9 years old Nicholas decides to acquire several bouncy castles of Bob Esponja, products with 100% original license and manufactured in Spain. The first thing is the safety of their small customers why the bouncy castles destined for rental in Alicante and Murcia have passed all the quality controls required in Spain and in the European Community, along with having their corresponding insurance. To complete this package of children’s leisure REYFE also have entertainers, clowns and catering service. A special service for the celebration of weddings, communions, birthday or any other event with children.

Editor: If you really want to enjoy an unforgettable day in the company of family and friends do not hesitate, REYFE offers you the best bouncy castles with animators and clowns of the province of Alicante and Murcia declarations of Nicolas resurrection for my first thing is the satisfaction of my clients, then mine and that of my company, that is why my clients are always satisfied with my work is in the field to be. Now, with this new project is when most proud I feel, I like to see how children and adults spend great time with our castles hichables more information: 96 611 16 80 Nicolas / 663 856 520 rental of inflatable castles. Organization of Holiday rental of inflatable castles. Organization of festivals Travel Singles Blog Archive route of the CASTLES in ALICANTE rental of bouncy castles.