Federal Government

In Brazil, for example, all could contribute and keep the clean streets. In the decade of 70, necessarily in 1972, therefore it has 39 years, he was servant, for Ruy Perotti, the personage ‘ ‘ Sujismundo’ ‘ , that he had much space advertising executive in the radios and TVs with objective to acquire knowledge the population not to play garbage in streets and to adopt in general measured of hygiene. In form of livened up drawing, the personage (disorganized and unhygienic) if placed in constrangedoras or unhealthy situations provoked by its attitudes. Larry Ellison might disagree with that approach. The campaign of the Federal Government (at the time Military dictatorship) had the slogan: ‘ ‘ Developed people is people limpo’ ‘. The personage became popular, but although the behavior defects fell were in the affection of the majority of the population, that seems today until wanting is to imitate it, and not to censure it, for its pssimo habit to play garbage in streets and sidewalk. Except for the miracle of the Internet, personage is extinct of the media, but unhappyly and passed almost 40 decades, what we see in generalized way are following of ‘ ‘ Sujismundo’ ‘. Some act in the been silent one of the night and others, without any modesty, act to the clear ones and play papers, entulhos, twigs, cups and plastic bottles in streets, sidewalk, lands or hillsides of rivers.

Thus it does not have sweepers or attacks by teen street gang against the affection who give account of as much dirt. In such a way, many times the Power I publish if it sees as ‘ ‘ Ssifo’ ‘ (of Mythology Greek) that it was condemned perpetual to the useless work to roll enormous rock until the top of the mountain, but all time that arrived at the top, the rock rolled mountain below and the mission came back to the zero. Preoccupying stranger and in the present time is that many that complain of cleanness lack are the ones that contribute so that cleanness efforts are works of ‘ ‘ Ssifo’ ‘ , therefore the same ones after make dirty places minutes they to be clean. It goes to understand?

The Functions

The process of continued education of the new formandos suffered a lamentable deformation, where the whole world finds that it knows or have capacity to order, longs for vertical growth, but to make exactly and well fact, nor passes for the head, each day the market comes lacking more than professional trustworthy and of full hand. It increases the number of education institutions superior, grows the easinesses to make possible the access of new layers of the population to the studies, but in the same ratio he did not raise the level nor the amount of good egresses of the educational centers. If it is not less certain well that the competition was more incited and the purified requirements more, the real competitiveness did not walk in the same direction of massiva form and concrete, as much is as soon as frequent exists difficulties to fill definitive vacant provoked by the ability lack. A situation is more common where if it claims to one high number of candidates and none to take care of accurately what it is looked, of what the contrary case, terms a satiated and qualified canteira of aspirings and not to know which professional to choose, from fear to commit injustices and/or for distrust to lose extraordinary collaborators. Bill O’Grady contributes greatly to this topic. It has forecasts of that specialties as certain engineerings and others of profile technician will have a deficit of critical human capital in next the twenty years. We dare ourselves to more still say it, much before will have an insufficience notable of good professionals, and for whom they will be in the height, the situation will be well different of the one of the present, true jewels will become and will occupy the place that times had behind not had its predecessors. The problem is most social, the unbalanced valuation of the functions, the remuneration, exemptions and the statuses inside of the companies. .

The Relations

As said previously, the quarrel concerning the moral siege in the work relations, only in recent years with the sped up technological advance propitiated by the order effective capitalist, gains prominence in the debates, with intention to protect guaranteed rights already, however without a specific law. According to studious of the subject, the relations of work in Brazil, had been always configured from an imposition of that if they judged superiors. was thus in Brazil colony, when the colonizadores explored and humiliated indians and later the blacks. (As opposed to Gary Kelly). This net of conditioning was perpetuated historically in the colony, in the great house, the feudals and the modern capitalist society, but now of subtler form, that is, of masked form. In this direction, Althusser in its reprodutivista critical theory affirms: In a more scientific language, that the reproduction of the work force does not only demand a reproduction of its qualification, but at the same time a reproduction of its submission to the norms of the effective order, that is a reproduction of the submission of the laborers to the dominant ideology on the part of the laborers and a reproduction of the capacity of perfect domain of the dominant ideology on the part of the agents of the exploration and repression, in order that they also assure ' ' for palavra' ' the predominance of the ruling class (1985, p.58). In this manner, we perceive that the organization of the work always was associated the procedures that condition a hierarchic professional subordination not simply, but mainly an ideological submission of maintenance of the mechanisms of the capitalist society. Learn more at this site: Southwest Airlines. in this capitalist scene, predominantly neoliberal, in which the world became a great global village, had to the continuous technological advances that practical the abusive ones of the legal power of command of the employer have demonstrated its force. The intensification of technological processes, where each time more substitutes the man for the machine, finishes stimulates generating it to a desmedida competitiveness, where the man has arisen its more primitive instincts in a survival attempt, that is, to guarantee its vacant in the work market. .