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Adoption of a highly successful vintage also took place this year the diploma ceremony for the economists VWA (administrative and economic Academy) in the Rheingoldhalle Mannheim in festive atmosphere. A total of 92 economists VWA have passed the final exams (of which 13 with focus on health management). Two graduates have made even an average of 1.0 and were presented by the Federal Government of the VWA holder a cash prize in the amount of 150 euros each. In addition to about 220 graduates with members of numerous representatives from business and management of the metropolitan area took part. The in-service studies demanded considerable efforts, but also understanding of the respective partners and families not only by the students. With the Business Administration degree graduates have the best prerequisites to take leadership in business and administration. Highlight was the guest lecture by Thomas Steckenborn, CEO of CEMA AG, to the current topic this year: from the network on the Virtualization in the cloud – like innovations in the IT lead to new business models.” Small and medium-sized enterprises benefited from the possibility to rent business applications, computing power or storage space as needed via the Internet.

With the software from the cloud”they could open up an online store, for example, without high upfront costs. Steckenborn paid tribute to the performance of graduates, in addition to her full-time job to complete even a demanding training. The diploma in business administration founded the IT-Systemhaus CEMA in Mannheim 20 years ago, now operates in eight locations and counts to the leading mid-sized IT service providers in Germany. Press inquiries (CEMA): Ursula Brunsummerheide, CEMA AG specialists in information technology Dynamo 17, 68165 Mannheim, Tel: (0621) 33 98-0, fax.: (0621) 33 98-200,, or press contact (VWA): teacher Oliver Frank (Dipl.-Hdl.) Management and Economics Academy Rhein-Neckar e. V. Heinrich-Lanz-str. 19-21, 68165 Mannheim, Tel: (0621) 4321811

On direct way in a successful self-employment business start-up without detours start a business with a certain risk goes hand in hand. Only with own experiences will be many detours to success. Because in many cases the risk is greatly underestimated. A start-up advice or a so-called Grundercoaching is a way to limit the risk of failure. Many entrepreneurs and founders take the options did not.

Why should such a start-up advice or a such Grundercoaching be good? This question is often heard. Finally this question especially among those who have collected no experience consultancies in the course of professional life. A start-up advice or a Grundercoaching can help in many ways. Is your company already under way and could settle on the market more or less well, a foundation consultant can perform, for example, a complete check-up your company. These are all possible Details – from marketing on the controlling, that just glows through financing, organization, and other -. Your advisor or consultant then works out measures to optimize.

Proposals may be, that will help you to save money or improve your marketing. Who applied for the Grundercoaching Germany and can boast of a permit for the founding grant or the initial Fund, the Grundercoaching especially resonates with them: 90% of NET consulting costs will be assumed by the KfW SME Bank. Total consulting fees can be up to 4,000 euros, of which a founder must pay only 400 euros even. To apply for this funding promoters have, from the date of the establishment of only one year. Who must write a business plan and created this to the template with a bank or an investor, can also use the services of a start-up consulting service. Review a business plan can decide the success or failure of a bank. Also Avoiding typical beginner mistakes”is an important aspect in the context of the advice of of establishment of or within the framework of a Grundercoachings. Completely indifferent, whether you market your projects via the Internet want and need help with this marketing, whether it concerns issues of designing your customers or if you need help in setting up Excel spreadsheets for monthly statements: the Grundercoaching or the advice of establishment of will help. In addition, there are also existence founder seminars in many cities. Such existence founder seminar helps the first steps, but an individual and personal accompaniment and assistance cannot replace. Often the existence founder seminar is also funded by an employment agency or the costs are low, because the founder seminar State is subsidized by pages. At last now is still an important Tip: Many consultations and coaching for entrepreneurs are up to five years after the date of the establishment of the State subsidized. Founder should ask their coach or consultant, whether such financial assistance in question comes. This text was provided by coaching-Max, Marko Lasnia, available. If you are interested, contact info(at), or just ‘ purely on