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And there is no single answer, as you might expect. Connect with other leaders such as Phil Vasan here. There is no definitive recipe. Need your own decision and consistent implementation of it in life. Of course there are solutions. For example, the place is more important as the house can be rebuilt, and the environment – is unlikely.

Or a house is important because if you already have all the engineering communication, including a central sewage system, no need to invest more in home improvements. Or: a place outside the city, suffer from a lack of transport could be better, as are building underground, etc. That is to say rather, you do not need to solve: buy a place and everything there, stupidly holding on to this idea and rejecting any decent option only if it is situated on 200 meters from the Black Sea coast. Just when considering any option not miss this tandem: a place-house. What is more important in this embodiment is for you. And how can we compensate for the shortcomings of both, without having to spend only on this for the rest of your life. An example here may serve as a proposals in the area of Vidin in northwestern Bulgaria.

Now in this area the cheapest house and land, because the area is not developed far from the Black Sea coast and the capital of Bulgaria. But! In the region of Vidin, which is the historical place of Bulgaria, along with the Stara Zagora and Cape Kaliakara now ends the construction of a second bridge over the Danube. The first bridge was built in the Bulgarian town of Rousse. He connected once Romania and Bulgaria, resulting in the opportunity to travel to Varna by train from Moscow or in a car in Bourgas from St. Petersburg. But this bridge in Ruse has long been unable to cope with traffic, and the European Union decided that we should expand transport routes in Europe. Finance construction of a new bridge, Bulgaria, Romania, and probably the European Union. With the advent of the bridge district of Vidin will become industrialized area, which will host vehicular route from central Europe to the capital Sofia, Bulgaria, Serbia, and on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, as well as in Greece, and real estate prices crawl over. To be continued and further the goal of buying a home

By the way most of the huts and collected – a team of welders (2 people) they are responsible for the frame. Brigade Collector – 2-3 people – they bring everything else. If you would like to know more about Southwest Airlines, then click here. Painter, plumber and electrician – arriving on a call. Industrial area – is primed or gravel-paved outdoor area. Production costs, as you know, just no. Scott Mead insists that this is the case.

Production units of the second and third category – it's certainly easier to collect than machines or machines, but nevertheless requires fully, properly organized, staffed with equipment and qualified personnel and management of production. Services, quality control, marketing, warehouse, pto, accounting, procurement, logistics and other attributes of the operating business. The share of production costs in the price for a company generating cabins – 3-5% for the second – up to 40%. I draw your attention to the cost of these two industries are different. In this regard, and the cost of proposed delivery too. Company specializing in office container can never produce a block-modular buildings of the second and third category.

He wonders if in this case a smaller price offer? Can they do put in a row? Please confirm the specialization of the company, visit its production prior to ordering! Myth 3. Construction of block-unit building in times faster than the capital. The truth. Typically, modular building area of 1000 sq. m. can be put into operation in 4-5 months, after signing the contract for its delivery. The fact that production processes run parallel. Ie initially developed and approved by the Customer Architecture and Construction section of the Project.

A Mortgage is a commitment that you assume for the term of 10 years or more of financial obligations. And before making a decision about mortgages before you decide which bank to apply – you need to know all about possible pitfalls associated with the mortgage and get answers to all your questions. And not from the bank officer is directly interested in what you would get a mortgage in this bank, and from independent consultant who will tell you about all offers banks of all the pros and cons. According to statistics for 2007 among the 10 people who applied to the bank for a mortgage, to reach deals only 2! This is due to a lack of awareness potential borrowers about all kinds of pitfalls, hidden fees, additional costs, etc. Did you know that banks in evaluating potential borrowers, deciding to give credit or not, use over 70 criteria? A how important it is to choose the right bank! The difference in the annual interest rate of just 1% of your savings can be up to $ 80,000. For example, you want to buy a studio apartment for $ 230,000 c first payment of 10% ($ 23,000). Do you already have the approval of the bank with annual interest rate of U.S. dollar 10% for 15 years. And in another bank can offer you a loan in U.S. dollars at 9% per annum. In this case, your savings over 15 years is $ 22,320! The answer is obvious: you need to choose a dignified, well-known in the market real estate agency that has experience in the design of the mortgage.