The Importance of English Proficiency

Did you know that when a special test for English proficiency every tenth respondent shows the level of Intermediate and above. This means that a person can freely express thoughts using English in speech language. While only 1.5% could explain in a foreign call, knowing well the business English. If your job requires knowledge of the English language, the ability to communicate using business English by phone – Chief the key to a successful career. 75% of business communication in English as a foreign language made it through the voice communication. The results showed that people who knew how to read and easy retell articles New York Times, as if to forget English when they were asked by phone to book a room in an American hotel.

They felt panic when they were asked to call on ads in the newspaper or find out details of processing the loan, insurance, vacancy. It turns out that about 70% of information from personal communication transmitted through nonverbal channels. Conversing in English, we see companion, seeing his facial expressions, gestures, emotions. All this helps us to translate the English language. During a telephone conversation an aid is only a tone. Understand the speaker phone of an alien at times very difficult. That is why ability to communicate in English with a voice connection, many consider a huge success and the key to high-paying positions.