Moscow Construction

Kind of trendsetter became a Swedish concern Ikea, built in 2000's first Russian shopping mall (in near Moscow) is using a light metal. Since then, many retailers ("Carousel", "Ramstore", "Metro") for the construction of new hypermarkets prefer it to lmk. And I must say, these shopping centers on the basis of pre-fabricated buildings continue to be built and open, even now, amid the crisis, while remaining an excellent opportunity for highly profitable investments. Where the wind blows? Having in hand the tools to reduce costs and develop new areas for development, developers are still yet not inclined to rely on their own strength, and on state aid. And they can be understood: the banks are extremely reluctant to reduce rates on loans, and demand for real estate shows no signs of recovery, so wait no longer support nowhere. Now the only way to survive for many construction companies – is to win state tender for the construction of various facilities under federal or regional programs.

As a result of the dramatic 2008 "plus" were only those developers who were subjected to government orders in the implementation of priority national projects. According to the Minister of Regional Development Viktor Basargin, a total of 2009 funding for programs within the national project "Affordable housing" is over $ 1 trillion. rubles. These money the state spends including the purchase of ready housing from developers. In addition, developers who erect housing economy class, also promised credits for sparing the 16-18% apr for the long term. Thus, developers receive funding to continue construction of housing.