The Production

Therefore, it is not only enough to change the methodologies used in the educational way, to decode the contents for a critical approach of the reality, or even though, to use speeches critics in the educational processes. He needs yes, of a constant libertarian activity in the education, as well as the application of differentiated methods where the theory and the practical one of the educator or educating concomitantly are interlaced. It does not advance to change the pedagogical process, if the contradictory base of the dominador system of the capital will be unchanged. Therefore, it is not only transforming the conscience that the society will be emancipated, but, from the fight practical and based theoretically of the prxis revolutionary, that the economic relations, based today by the capital, will be transformed. Corroborating this thought, Nunes and Sousa (2010, p.06) when explanar on education in a logic against the capital, it affirms in them that: To be revolutionary of a historical context is not difficult, is possible when in Geography it understands that the production of the space is different, because the capitalist development is different. In this direction, one becomes necessary to search to believe a new society, the socialist one. to search this new society, is considered three principles for an alternative education, that contradictorily they need to be restored in the current system of education, however against the logic of the capital.

The first principle is of an education constructed in the collective one. Not to continue as ideological device, the necessary school to be planned by the people, since the educational times, the plans you discipline of them, when and which you discipline to work, and even though, as this school must be structuralized pedagogically and physically. Learn more on the subject from Philip Vasan. The second proposal to be used as educative principle is in the educational process, where the theory and the practical one are indissociveis, pertaining of a relation added between the content, educating and its space reality.