The Project

6) Improved methods for analyzing the evolving situation, a constant adjustment of goals, projects, plans and programs. 7) When the project is implemented, it is necessary to go back to step number 1. Described a continuous activity in the field of thought can be divided into other phases, the number and content of which, generally chosen by the thinking subject matter of convenience and utility. It is important that the thought process was continuous. All of the above defects are thinking connected with the discontinuities of the process, with stops at way. Some participants are unable to analyze the situation as a whole, while others – see their interests, and others – to formulate the goals, the fourth – to determine what actions the project makes sense to sell here Now, what plan of action and choose what program of action to make music.

In other words, at each stage of a continuous process of thinking may slow down, stop and "go the distance." Before the crisis, period of rapid economic growth, continuous thinking, generally speaking, it was not a prerequisite of prosperity. On the contrary, often it even hurt to achieve success in the capture of material resources or power, which is understood primarily as a formally established right to control the movement of certain inventory and resources. The crisis is interesting in that people, unable to overcome the defects of his thinking, fast feel that they are beginning to lose. It is true that because of the described defects of thinking, they realize this is not immediately apparent. This text is written for those who are able to realize their chances of winning in a crisis. We hope that you, the reader will be able to to do it. December 1, 2008